New freefrom cafe and bakery comes to Kingston

Recently I heard about a new cafe and bakery in Kingston the Healthy cook co selling gluten free, dairy free, egg free and no refined sugar cakes muffins and other baked goods. I was delighted when I saw it was very close to Bruschetta restaurant.

On Saturday I made the trip over to Kingston from Dorking not an easy journey especially on a busy shopping day. I am glad to say it was well worth the trip. Old London road was very easy to find, just down the road from Bruschetta restaurant and close to the leaning red phone boxes. The road is full of tiny interesting shops


the Healthy cook company has very clear signage and looked very cosy and inviting, but smaller than I was expecting. As I entered the cosy little cafe my eyes were drawn to a large array of cakes scones and brownies. If only I hadn’t eaten so much for lunch!


Unfortunately being early afternoon all the bread had sold out, but fortunately for me there was a brown bag of gluten free soda bread mix for me to make at home.

Then came the exciting bit, choosing cakes. I chose a Courgette cupcake, Carrot and raison cake and a yummy looking Chocolate cake, also a sultana scone.


While I was there I was fortunate enough to meet the owner and talented Baker Trisha Kelly. A lovely lady who I’m sure I will get to know very well when I hopefully return often for my gluten free, unrefined sugar free goodies.

The cafe had a good selection of fairtrade teas and coffees and herbal drinks. There was salads and homemade soup on offer and Trisha explained that very soon there would be quiches etc available too.


The first cake i tried at home was the Courgette cupcake, soft and sweet and so pretty a very moist cake with glints of bright green, Perfect in fact! wish i bought more.


The sultana scone was very good, I expected it to be dry and crumbly but far from it. Very moist and delicious perfect with butter and jam. Nice size not to big.


Next I tried the carrot and raisin cake. Just a perfect size for a treat. beautifully wrapped and unsurprisingly winner of a gold star at the 2011 Great taste Awards. I kindly shared this with my husband who pronounced it the best gluten free cake he had ever tasted. The lightness of Trishas cakes are amazing. Moist and very moreish.


Lastly the delicious looking iced chocolate cake, hard to believe these cakes are gluten free. Again light and delicious. All 10/10 cakes!


Think we can safely say I wil be back very soon!

Certainly worth searching out. Goodies also available to order online too, so no need to miss out.

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