Off to a festival this year? Check out this great blog post #glutenfree #LatitudeFestival

The Coeliactivist

My second year at Latitude Festival this year wasn’t too muddy and was lots of fun! When I was packing for the weekend I contacted the organisers for some advice on food, but to no avail. There isn’t a lot about gluten free festival going on the web, so I thought I’d consolidate my advice. I don’t normally blog outside of London but friend Emilie insisted on featuring as she scouted me the only gluten free cake in the whole field! Hopefully of use to any other festival-goers, or parents packing their teenagers off!

Rule Number 1: Pack as if you won’t eat again

To be frank it’s best to assume the worst: that you will not get fed all weekend. Over-pack on food, paying particular attention to what you will want for drinking munchies and cold wet weather. The best option is to self-cater if you can, using a…

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