Review of Honeybuns Bakery new Gorgeous gluten free cake mix


Honeybuns Bakery kindly sent me their new cake mix to review. I love the packaging, the tube has a lovely 50’s feel to it. Right up my street!

Opening up the tube I found inside the bags of mixture and a sheet of cake ideas and baking tips, again very well presented.



I was a little concern by the amount of ingredients in the tube, it didn’t really look enough but I was keen to see if I would be proved wrong. To the flour mix you need to add your own butter or dairy free choice and 2 eggs.



You mix the two packets together in a large bowl, The flour combination of ground almonds, sorghum flour and golden ground flaxseed make for a very different texture  and appearance. I was getting more and more intrigued at how this cake would taste.

You then add the eggs and melted butter.


Once mixed together it should form a batter. This is then poured or spooned into two greased 7″ cake tins. Unfortunately I only had 8″ tins so knew it would spread out more than intended. Although I would have thought an 8″ tin was more the norm! Considering the cost £4.99 not including butter or eggs , I think I would expect a larger size cake. But thats just my opinion. Image

The Dog waits patiently in front of the oven hoping to get some cake later. She didn’t!


Sadly it was inevitable that my cake would be a little thin due to using the larger tin, I chose a traditional jam and butter cream filling, with a dusting of icing on the top. In retrospect I would use a less sweet filling next time. Possibly lemon curd as the cake itself is very sweet. Brown sugar is the first ingredient in the list coming higher than the three types of flour. 



The finished cake!



The sponge cake had a nice texture with a caramelised flavour. The cake colour is also different from your average cake mix or homemade sponge. Using ground almonds, sorghum and ground flaxseed sets this cake in a more luxury class. Making it a real treat cake for special occasions.



I served this cake last night to my family, 6 of us. There was plenty to go around, The family liked the cake but commented that it was quite sweet, probably not helped by the filling I had added. They are also used to a much lower sugar cake that I make myself.

The cake had easy to follow instructions and for a store cupboard special treat it would work well. I think it would make a great gift too for a Coeliac or gluten intolerant friend.

Check out all the other delicious ready made gluten free sweet treats here from Honeybuns bakery


2 thoughts on “Review of Honeybuns Bakery new Gorgeous gluten free cake mix

  1. I would love to try this, but I can’t have sugar and all of these mixes always have so much sugar! Bummer! 😦

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