Gluten free Fish and Chips at the Snettisham Fish Bar, Norfolk

I thought it was about time I revisited the Snettisham Fish bar, A tiny chippy a short drive from me.


A large poster on the door announces that the Fish bar is Coeliac and gluten intolerant friendly.  The owner is very knowledgeable too, we had a long chat while my fish and chips cooked about his visit to a trade show where he learnt about the need for separate equipment etc because of cross contamination he also showed me how he kept the gluten free batter mix separately from everything else.

The Gluten free Cod and chips was cooked in the chip fryer. Only used for frying chips.


Not only can you have any choice of fish. You can also have scampi, prawns or sausages in the Glu-2-Go  batter.

I had chosen Cod and chips for my husband and I. The meal for two came to £10.40


When I arrived home and unwrapped my Cod and chips it looked amazing, I really miss having the option to dive into a fish and chip shop at the seaside like everyone else. So when you find a chippy that is gluten free its very exciting.


The chips were incredibly good, just what I had hoped for. Sadly something was not right with the batter this time, and instead of being lovely and crispy it was soft and just acted like a skin around the Cod. I was so disappointed as we have eaten from here once before and the batter had been beautifully crispy.

I will definitely pop by when I pass to let them know, and will give it another go soon.


The Fish bar is in Alma road, Snettisham Norfolk . worth a visit when you are passing.

Hopefully the batter will be back to its crispy self soon!

One thought on “Gluten free Fish and Chips at the Snettisham Fish Bar, Norfolk

  1. after spending 20 years grading seafood this is some of the best fish and chips i have had. a cracking piece of haddock first class keep up the quality its where all others fail miserably.

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