Easy gluten and yeast free batter bread with oregano

Baking day today inspired by The Great British Bake Off on BBC2 later this evening.

This afternoon I had a go at making a different type of bread. Gluten free and Yeast free as I am intolerant to both. I was given the recipe to try by fellow gluten free tweeter @diprestwich


3 large eggs

8oz gluten free SR Flour

7 fluid oz of milk and good quality olive oil ( about half and half )


sea salt

topping- you could use

rosemary, oregano, olives, coarse sea salt sun dried tomatoes etc

I used coarse sea salt and oregano


Firstly I put 8oz of  Doves farm SR Flour, salt and some oregano in a bowl then added 3 large beaten eggs ( even though the photo shows two) , 7 fluid oz of milk\olive oil mix .

Then I whisked the batter together


and poured into a greased baking tray.


I sprinkled some coarse salt and oregano ( rosemary or other herbs could be used )on the top before baking in a hot oven 200c for 10-15 mins.


The bread came out of the baking tray very easily, I served it warm with a choice of butter or cold pressed olive oil. It was stunning. Its going to be a new favourite!  thanks @diprestwich


Happy baking!

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