gluten free, sugar free carrot muffins

Every Tuesday I am hoping to bake something ready for the Great british bake off. Today I decided to have a go at dietitionuk Carrot muffin recipe.

Instead of sugar Priya suggests using puree apple about 75g. I think when I make them again I will add a little more. As they really are not very sweet. Maybe adding slightly more cinnamon too.


First I prepared the carrots and puree apple, and pre heated the fan oven to 160c.


I decided to use Doves farm self raising flour rather than the combination of oat and rice flour.

I mixed together the flour, cinnamon and baking powder. I also added a tsp of isabel’s baking fix.

Then eggs, milk and Lucybeecoconut coconut oil. which I used instead of rapeseed oil. I think they would work well using a dairy free milk too.

Followed by the grated carrots and apple sauce and finally the sultanas.


The mixture was quite thick so next time I might add an extra egg.

I spooned the carrot muffin mixture into muffin cases.


After about 16mins they were ready to take out of the oven.


I had one warm with a cup of tea.


They are certainly not sweet when made without sugar, no surprise there. But if like me you are trying to restrict your sugar intake then I think as my palate changes these will taste sweeter. You can make them with sugar or possible maple syrup, honey or agave. But wanted to try out a recipe only using cinnamon and apple puree.


I will definitely make these Carrot muffins again, perhaps just tweaking slightly.

Great recipe @dietitianUk

Happy baking : )

3 thoughts on “gluten free, sugar free carrot muffins

  1. These will make a lovely savoury muffin! I’ve not got a really sweet tooth (unless it’s plain chocolate), so I would probably love these! I’ve made banana bread with just date puree to sweeten it – worked beautifully!

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