Product review – Against the Grain Chocolate chip and Hazelnut cookies


Disclaimer – This is an unpaid review, I was sent this product to try and I have chosen to review them.

I am often disappointed by free from biscuits, sometimes they are crumbly, almost dry & dusty in texture. But not these gluten free, wheat and dairy free ones,  Against the grain cookies come in 5 varieties. The chocolate chip and hazelnut winning a gold taste award in 2009. This year they were shortlisted in the free from food awards.


I can see why!  They had a lovely crunch and the chips are dark chocolate ones which means the cookies don’t taste too sweet and have a subtle hazelnut flavour. These cookies make great dunkers too. They are also egg free.


The cookies are not overly large , but there are chunky and there are plenty of them,  9 in a beautifully presented box.  At £3.19 they seem a similar price to other free from organic biscuits. You can order these cookies online from Natures health box who have a big selection of gluten free cookies and biscuits as well as gluten free flour, pasta, crackers, cereal etc

Twitter – Natures health box

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