Grain free salmon and dill quiche

Looking for a delicious lunch time treat? why not try this easy gluten free quiche. Ground almonds are used instead of flour to make the base.




150g almond flour ( ground almonds )

150g parmesan cheese or grand pandana cheese ( grated )

1 large egg

1/4 tsp sea salt


1 courgette finely chopped ( you could also use asparagus or spinach in quiche )

1/4tsp sea salt

75g parmesan cheese

250g mascarpone cheese

3 large free range eggs

100g smoked salmon pieces

1tbsp chopped dill


Put the ground almonds grated grana pandano and salt in a bowl


add 1 beaten egg


mix together

tip into a flan dish and press down


bake in hot oven 170c for 12 mins until golden

fry chopped courgette in olive oil or coconut oil


In a bowl mix mascarpone cheese, grated parmesan, dill, salmon and 3 beaten eggs



pour into cooled base


bake in hot oven 180c for 25 mins

quiche should rise nicely and be golden brown and set.


after a few moments out of the oven the filling drops down slightly, this is normal.

enjoy warm or cold


This was the first time I have made this quiche, it was a real hit with my hungry family. Even got a Wow! always a good sign.

Happy Baking!

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