Review of Incognito cakes cheeky little monkey gluten free cake mix for children

As Incognito cakes were offering a discount on their new cake mix recently, I decided to order the children’s cake mix so that I could review it for my blog as it is both gluten free and dairy free. The cheeky little monkey cake mix has been shortlisted for the free from food awards in two categories.

My parcel arrived today just in time for a Mum and Baby group I attend tomorrow. I’m sure the little ones will love the little monkey picture on top of the cakes.


The instructions on the reverse of the packet are child friendly and fun


I was just worried to see a long list of ingredients and e numbers. I think the e numbers are from the little monkey disks provided to top the cakes. When I make a cake from scratch I only use gluten free flour and cocoa powder, butter, eggs and a refined sugar substitute like dextrose, or a small amount of sugar. I imagine the extra ingredients are added to ensure the cake mix has a longer shelf life.


To the cheeky little monkey mix I needed to add an egg, oil and water or milk, if not making dairy free.

The mix recipe suggests vegetable oil but I would urge you to use a healthy oil like coconut oil.


The instructions were very simple, put the egg, cake mix, oil and water into a bowl and mix. Couldn’t be easier, great for children.


The mixture was very runny and I found it quite tricky to spoon the mixture in to the rather squashed paper cases, saying this the cakes rose well in the oven and looked good.



I allowed the 11 cakes to cool, then mixed the icing sugar provided with a little water and piped on to the cakes adding the monkey disks provided.


they did look perfect!

For the price £6.99 I would expect a higher quality both in packaging and cake mix and I was unable to get 12 cakes out of my mixture. Sadly I would not buy these in future at the current price.

The family tried the cakes this evening, they felt the taste of the chocolate cheeky little monkey cakes was quite mild flavoured, but probably good for little ones. We all liked the texture, quite springy. The family all agreed though that they had eaten better cakes made from mixes.

I honestly think a price review is essential, £3 would be a fairer price for the mix. Then they would be good value for money.

I am sure the little ones and their mum’s will enjoy the fun looking cakes tomorrow

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4 thoughts on “Review of Incognito cakes cheeky little monkey gluten free cake mix for children

  1. Thanks for the review Helen, Some great pictures of the cakes, your are quite correct the E numbers do come from the Monkey toppers, and are just basically the food colouring from the special ink we use, The Cheeky little monkey cake mix has been developed to be a treat for both children and parents alike and not an everyday food item and in doing so is meant to be naughty and not necessarily healthy ( there’s lots of healthy stuff out there already), we haven’t tried it with coconut oil so perhaps that’s why you didn’t get the full 12 cakes as the instructions were not followed by using vegetable oil. We get the full 12 cakes every time using vegetable oil and different oils will give it a different texture, consistency and even taste, that’s why we say use vegetable oil, as we find its the best way to get the best results, both in texture and taste. Whilst we agree the price point isn’t great please bear in mind that we are a home based manufacturer and don’t have the buying power of the big companies, we are always striving to bring our prices down and the current price with the discount code CHEEKY50 brings it down to £3.50, this is the only product of its kind on the market aimed at children and as demand gets higher so the price will come down as we will be able to get our ingredients cheaper including the toppers which we print ourselves, could you please elaborate on your thoughts on the packaging as we are always looking for alternatives and your feedback in this area would be welcome. Once again thanks for reviewing the mix we will take your comments on-board as we move forward with the product, its still early days yet and we are constantly refining our idea to make it better.

    • The cakes went down very well with mum’s and toddlers today. The opinion of all mums today was that they wouldn’t pay more than £3 – £3.50 for a children’s ‘freefrom’ cake mix. I really hope you can bring the price down in the future as I think you have a good product, which really appeals to little ones. The Mums were genuinely interested today by your product, they loved the monkey toppers! Interestingly they liked the slight coconut flavour from the coconut oil. I use this as I have done a great deal of reading about vegetable oil and I honestly will never use it in baking again.
      I felt that the outside packaging looked a little amateur, sorry. But I have a feeling you had issues with the printing so that may be why? The plastic pouches of ingredients were hard to open and looked a little like test packs not like a finished product.
      I will be following your progress with great interest and hope that the awards will be a great advert for you.
      I really hope my feed back is helpful, you have some really good products. I could add your discount code information to my blog post re cheeky little monkey cakes if that would be helpful, just let me know.

      • Hi Helen, Great that the mums and Children loved the cakes just the response we are looking for , we are in the process now of looking at alternative ingredients to help bring the price down, We see your point about the label but it was created to be a bit child like to appeal to that market but yes we have had printing issues the colours for one thing are not right, we have been looking at different ways to seal the ingredient bags too so your comments on that are helpful, just as an aside the silver pouch they come in is re-usable as it comes with a ziplock, something that boxes don’t offer, we use our spares to put soup in to freeze and Yvette uses then to take foods to friends houses the re uses of them is endless, so don’t throw yours away! It would be great if you could add the discount code and we will let you know how we get on in the Free From Food Awards , although I suspect you will be following them closely.

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