Paleo Walnut and Banana bread

I had a couple of ripe bananas that needed eating up so rather than throwing them away.  I went in search of a new recipe . I have recently bought a new recipe book The Paleo diet by Daniel Green ( author of Healthy Eating For Lower Cholesterol ) I found this recipe for walnut and banana bread. This bread is not only grain and gluten free but dairy free too.


The book explains about the principles of Paleo, foods to avoid, ideas of what to buy and a huge selection of recipes from breakfast to light meals, soups and salads, main meals and desserts.

Walnut and Banana bread-

2 large ripe bananas ( or 3 small )

3 eggs

110g Almond flour ( ground almonds )

1 1/2 tbsp raw honey

70g Walnuts , roughly chopped

coconut oil for greasing loaf tin


Pre heat oven 200oC

grease loaf tin


mash bananas, I used a potato masher


In another bowl beat the 3 eggs add almond flour and raw honey

stir in the chopped walnuts and mashed bananas


pour into loaf tin


pop in pre heated oven for approximately 20 mins ( my bread needed longer it was baked for about 30 mins in all )

cool in tin then turn out onto wire cooling rack



The bread is delicious served warm or cold. Very nice with a interesting texture from the walnuts. Slightly different from a regular banana loaf but considering no flour is used and no fat it is well worth making.  I wasn’t sure about the slightly  doughy texture but you can put the slices back in the oven to bake a little longer. The slices are small but you can always have a couple! Delicious toasted for breakfast too.


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