Courgette ‘Pasta’ naturally gluten free

Avoiding gluten and grains? On a low carbohydrate diet? Looking for an alternative?



This could be for you! Just like pasta but made from Courgettes/Zucchini


All you need is a regular peeler and a courgette. You could use a Spiralizer, but I find a peeler works perfectly well.

Peel strips from top to bottom of the courgette until you reach the seeds in the centre, dispose of the centre.



One good size courgette is about one portion of pasta

Cook the courgette Tagliatelle in a frying pan with butter or coconut oil for just a few minutes.


serve with a homemade bolognese sauce


or make your own pesto by processing pine nuts, parmesan, basil and a little olive oil




I promise you, it is very delicious!


with no bloated feeling after a large bowl full !

Simple and quick

What pasta sauce will you try with your courgette tagliatelle ?


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