Gluten free quick seeded bread mix from Food by Helen

Food by Helen kindly sent me a new bread mix to try and review. The best thing about this quick seeded bread mix for me is that it is not only gluten free but yeast free too. My family love Helen’s other bread mixes especially Brilliant Bread mix ( white )


This was probably the easiest bread mix I have ever used.

Firstly you beat an egg in a mixing bowl



Then add melted butter and milk or non dairy milk ( I used unsweetened almond milk )


open the mix packet and pour in to the mixing bowl


mix together thoroughly and pour into greased loaf tin


pop in a pre heated oven 200 c

for 40-45 mins


This mix costs £2.49 which I think is a very fair price


This is one of the nicest gluten free breads I have tasted, light with a crusty outside and soft, almost chewy inside. Just like I remember regular bread tasted.

My husband, a gluten eater just gave it a big thumbs up and polished off two slices of My bread!


Available from Food by Helen website

follow on Twitter @foodbyhelen



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