Grain free Lemon meringue pies

Lemon meringue pie is my favourite pudding Ever!

Here is a recipe for grain free Lemon meringue pies.



makes 6 small ramekin size pies


100g pecans

100g Almonds

4 dates

2 tsp honey

middle layer

Lemon curd – gluten free

homemade or shop bought


4 egg whites

75g sugar


put pecans and almonds in food processor, grind to a coarse crumble


add dates and honey and process again.


press firmly into the 6 ramekins


Add a good layer lemon curd to each lemon pie


Make meringue

whisk egg whites to form firm peaks

gradually then add sugar gradually

whisk again

top the pies with the meringue


I baked in a pre heated oven at 140c for 20 mins then left them in the oven until required


This was the very first time I had made meringues and would like to improve on the results, any advice would be appreciated!

These were a huge success with the family and will most definitely make them again, next time I will make my own lemon curd and cut the sugar content. Watch this space!






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