Review of UGG Foods Chocolate chia muffins mix

After meeting the team from UGG Foods at the Allergy and Free From show in London they kindly sent me a muffin mix to try from their range which is completely grain free. This was great for me as I am trying very hard to eat grain free as much as possible due to having both Crohns disease and Coeliac disease.  My diet is free from grains and sugar and I follow a low carb high fat diet .

The mix is also refined sugar free and fructose free. This chocolate chia mix certainly shows that you can still have treat foods on a grain free diet.


The instructions on the reverse of the packet were clear and easy to follow. Simple adding eggs, vanilla essence, oil, non dairy milk and some muffin cases. The packet is huge and heavy and makes 9 good size large muffins, and managed to make 10. one extra for me !



The mix contains ground almonds, xylitol, chia seeds, coconut flour and baking powder. I love using ground almonds and make most of my homemade cakes with this and occasionally use coconut flour, slightly trickier to work with.

I used melted coconut oil in my muffins.


Now Xylitol is something I know very little about. But I am trying to find refined sugar free and fructose free cake mix options so this ticked that box. Information from David Gillespie author of Sweet poison suggests that it is ‘your call’ as to whether you use this sweetener. Sarah Wilson author of  I Quit Sugar suggests xylitol ( a sugar alcohol ) is ok in moderation. Of course most cake mixes contain a huge amount of regular sugar so this mix is a real break through. Maybe Dextrose would be another option?

The muffins bake for 40 mins at 140 degrees in a fan oven. I took mine out after 36 mins they looked very promising.


They had a lovely texture, light and not overly sweet with a nice chocolatey flavour. I made 10 good size muffins from the mix.


The cost of this mix is £6.95 quite expensive , but sadly grain free ingredients are not cheap even when you make cakes from scratch.


My gluten eating family were all keen to try the muffins for pudding this evening, and all gave them a big thumbs up! They are all very health conscious and are all now happy to eat grain free and refined sugar free with me.


UGG Foods also makes bread, fruit loaf and a selection of muffins mixes which are all grain free

Four of their products were short listed in this years FreeFrom Food awards.

You can buy here at



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UGG Recipes 

UGG Bread mix review to follow


Review of The Primal kitchen Paleo bars

The Primal kitchen kindly sent me their three new Paleo bars to try and review. I had recently tried the nak’d bars so was very interested to try these.


The company was founded by nutritionist Suzie Walker, she wanted to create a bar that you could eat on the go! when on a Paleo , grain free diet.

There are three bars coconut and macadamia, almond and cashew and brazil nut and cherry.

Firstly I tried the almond and cashew bar, this flavour appealed to me the most. I was pleased that it didn’t taste overly sweet, it almost looked homemade, you could easily see the little pieces of nut. It really was very good.


Then I tried the brazil nut and cherry paleo bar, I actually turned my nose up at this when I saw the word cherry, I thought it would have a strong cherry taste. Actually I couldn’t taste cherry, which suited me. But I could clearly see large pieces of cherry in the bar which were a nice addition to the texture . I could clearly taste the brazil nut which was very nice. I surprised myself and really liked this one too.


Thirdly I tried the coconut and macadamia nut bar. A lighter in colour bar, still with good pieces of macadamia nut . Again not too sweet. The bars don’t crumble or fall apart and were very filling.


I loved the packaging it is simple and eye catching. I liked the ‘Go against the grain’ written on the side of the wrapper. Each bar weighs 45g. Nak’d bars weigh in at 35g . My only criticism  would be that it isn’t easy to find or read the ingredients. Hidden slightly by the join in the wrapper. 14.1 g of sugar per bar ( dates ) The words gluten free or dairy free are not used on the wrapper. But on the website it states that the bars are gluten and dairy free. These bars are refined sugar free, but still contain sugar in the form of dates.

The dried fruit does not contain vegetable oils or added sugar and sulphites.


You can buy the bars on the website

a mixed box of 18 bars ( 6 of each ) is £27

Also available on Ocado website and these online stores click here

£1.59 each on

Also available from at £1.59 each

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I will certainly be adding these to my shopping list, They will be perfect energy bars for my husbands cycling trips and great to keep in my handbag for those emergency moments when you are out and cant find anywhere gluten free to eat safely. They are perfect for festivals too, or that occasional sweet treat.


 October 2014

recently I was sent a new addition to The Primal Kitchen Paleo bar range Hazelnut and Cocoa raw paleo bar

I was surprised to find I wasn’t keen on this new addition. I found it had a very strong flavour ,almost with a burnt taste. I tried both bars but couldn’t finish either. Maybe the cocoa is just too bitter for me in this one. I loved the other bars.


Review of COYO coconut yoghurt

Yesterday I popped in to my nearest Tesco store and spotted these  COYO Coconut milk yoghurts. I had some how missed COYO  at the Allergy and Free From Show so was excited to have a chance to try them.


These yoghurts are gluten free, nut free, soy free and dairy free.



First we tried the natural coconut milk yoghurt, we both loved it, very light, a little like whipped cream . Only criticism is that there didn’t seem very much yoghurt for the money, we noticed there was less yoghurt in the natural tub against the chocolate version?

The raw chocolate flavour was nice too. Quite a subtle chocolate flavour and the texture of a chocolate mousse.

I will definitely buy the natural coconut milk yoghurt again if I can find at a reasonable price.

It would make a really good cream alternative.

The Yoghurts are £1.69 each in Tesco.

Also available are mixed berry yoghurt, pineapple yoghurt and mango yoghurt. Coconut ice cream is available too. I cannot wait to find them and try them soon!

Find COYO here

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Gluten free and lactose free Welsh cakes from Bakestone bakery

One of my new product finds at the Allergy and Free From show was Bakestone Bakery and their Welsh cakes

welsh cakes

welsh cakes

Now I had never had Welsh cakes before, so very interested to try them.

I would describe them as having a scone like texture, slightly sweet with a spice taste , reminding me a little of Easter treats like hot cross buns and Easter biscuits. Lucky for us these are available all year round.

The Welsh cakes tastes very homemade, in a good way! Not mass produced.


I did find them quite crumbly, but it wouldn’t put me off buying them again.

They can be enjoyed warm or cold on there own or topped with butter or maybe jam



As far as I know this could be a gluten free and lactose free first!?  I don’t know of any other gluten free and lactose free welsh cakes on the market.

Bakestone Bakery based in Pontypool Wales also produce coffee and carrot and walnut  cakes.

The Welsh cakes are now available to order online 

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Allergy and Free From Show 2014

Today was the first day of the Free From fair at the grand hall Olympia. I took the train from Surrey and arrived not long after the show opened. The venue this year is lighter and much bigger than last year, making it a much nicer experience.



I would still suggest arriving early so you get the benefit of plenty of samples and time to talk to stall holders. The Free From section are all together making it easier to locate your favourite products. It is definitely worth bringing a backpack or trolley to take home all your goodies. Plastic bags soon get very heavy. Also something I forgot! a cool box for some of the fresh produce like Pudology puds, lots of pizza’s pies, sausages etc. Being such a hot weekend warm sausages are no fun! I didn’t risk taking any home.

My gluten free stash !

My gluten free stash !

All your favourite brands are at the fair, the big companies like Udi’s Newburn Bakehouse, Sainsbury’s etc and plenty of smaller independent companies.

new gluten free Oreo style biscuits

new gluten free Oreo style biscuits


easy bean

easy bean



UGG foods

UGG foods



Do support these small businesses as without our support we will just be left with the huge companies producing often poorer quality products.

My must visits are –

 Isabel’s , free from products including Dough ball mix made from cassava flour, Pizza mix, batter mix etc

nâkd bars made using cashews and dates, some good offers at the show


Easy bean New crispbreads 3 new flavours made from chick pea flour

Bakestone bakery making Welsh cakes Dairy and Gluten free

welsh cakes

welsh cakes

Helen’s mixes including bread, pastry etc

UGG foods more cake mixes but these are grain free and paleo. Very excited by these .Hope to review them soon

Delicious Alchemy for mixes, muesli, porridge etc

Perkier for gluten free porridge, tiffin and rocky road



There are many different exhibitors at the Allergy and Free From Fair I’m sure you will search out more gems!


I was able to meet up with fellow Free From Bloggers which made my trip even more worth while, it’s always good to put a face to a Twitter name.

Have a great time


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Gluten free ‘oatmeal’ raisin cookies

I really miss biscuits and cookies since starting on the Specific carbohydrate diet. When I spotted this recipe in cooking for the Specific Carbohydrate diet by Erica Kerwien I was excited to give them a go!



The recipe is also available on comfy here


The recipe is called ‘oatmeal’ raisin cookies and uses coconut to give the same texture as oats.

Firstly I mixed the wet ingredients the almond butter ( I used Meridian smooth almond butter ) gorgeous ! an egg and vanilla extract.




To this I added the dry ingredients the desiccated coconut, ground cinnamon, bicarbonate of soda salt and raisins

then I mixed everything together.


I spooned mixture on to baking tray with parchment paper leaving a space for the cookies to spread. I made mine quite big and only made 11 the recipe says you can make 24!


they cooked quickly and in just 12 minutes the were baked and smelling delicious.

I allowed them to cool, on a wire rack


They were chewy and delicious and very moreish

You could lower the amount of honey if you are watching your sugar consumption . But these were made for a very rare treat. So I left the recipe as it was.


My husband said these were the best biscuits he had eaten in ages. I will have to hide the rest!

( We only have gluten free biscuits in the house )

I have tried many of the recipes from this book and can recommend if you are avoiding grains or are gluten free, or simply if you are trying to eat more healthily.

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Review of easy bean chickpea crispbread



In my local farm shop in Norfolk I was pleased to find a New cracker made from chick pea flour.

From the makers of the gluten free one pot meals Easy beans, there are now 3 varieties of crackers. Completely gluten free and made from gram flour ( chickpea flour ) in a gluten free mill. The company are based in the UK in Somerset and the company founder is Christina Baskerville.


I chose Seeds and Black pepper, also available are Moroccan spice and Mung bean and chive.

The crisp breads were a real change, they had a good ‘snap’ and were very tasty. Most definitely a huge improvement on a plain cracker! Now I love my cheese! and these made a great accompaniment.

They would also be delicious with homemade hummus or guacamole, or an accompaniment to soup.




These crisp breads will be great for picnics and they will most definitely be coming with me to Latitude Festival this month.

The easy bean crisp breads are on sale at Holland and Barrett stores and also in independent farm shops, Deli’s and health food shops. They are also available on Amazon


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Website –

I was pleased to see Easy bean at the Allergy and Free From show at Olympia, and have a chance to meet founder Christina Baskerville in person. I was able to stock up on easy bean crisp breads and try the moroccan spice variety .


A subtle moroccan spice flavour, really very nice! not over powering at all.