Review of Delicious Alchemy rice flake porridge

Delicious Alchemy sent me their porridge alternative to try, just rice flakes, no oats in this porridge ! Completely gluten free and dairy free.


I have to say I was not sure about this idea, but on the other hand I do miss a bowl of porridge in the winter.

So I decided to give it a go.

The packaging is very smart and definitely draws you in,

It may just be that I’m getting old, but I struggled to read the tiny instructions on the packet. Tiny white writing on a blue background did not make it easy.


The porridge was easy to make I chose to make in a saucepan but it can easily be made in the microwave.



In just a few minutes it was a lovely porridge like consistency . I decided to taste it plain first, now this rice porridge does not contain sugar in any form. Due to this obviously the rice porridge is not overly pleasant on its own. But adding plenty of cinnamon and a touch of maple syrup it transformed into a delicious breakfast. I actually added only the tiniest amount to sweeten. Honey would have worked well too. Berries would be a nice topping too.


I have to say I was very surprised I really liked it and would definitely buy it, especially in the winter, I think it would be good on camping trips to, as easy to make and very substantial and filling.

I made mine using un sweetened almond milk but could be made with any milk substitute or made with cows milk too.

You could also have this as a quick and easy pudding.

This packet is 450g and on the natures health box website £3.49

real comfort food!

Website here


Review of Delicious Alchemy’s gluten free Chocolate brownie mix

Recently Delicious Alchemy sent me 3 of their products to test and review, Even the box they arrived in caught my eye, the family were intrigued and commented on the packaging.


Included in my box of goodies was a brown bread mix, a brownie mix and rice flake porridge.

Firstly I tried the brownie mix, perfect as I was cooking for 7 that evening. The ingredients and method are written on the packaging. The family all commented about the attractive packaging . Very eye catching!


Very simple to make just melted butter or dairy free alternative and 2 eggs beaten added to the mix



poured into a prepared square tin and popped in a pre heated oven


Mine took slightly longer than the stated time

but baked perfectly and came out of the tin with ease.


I sliced into squares after cooling on a wire rack


and served with extra thick double cream.


I thought these were very nice, very sweet  but as I’m not regularly eating sugar anymore I expected this. The family all gave them a big thumbs up and said they tasted like regular gluten filled brownies also lighter than some had expected.


A very easy mix perfect for treat days ! £2.99 to buy on Delicious Alchemy website

you can follow Delicious Alchemy on Twitter @4GlutenFreeFood

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