Chocolate Profiteroles for the Great British Bake Off Final tonight

I dont think its possible to watch Bake off without some kind of homemade baked treat!

Tonight I think calls for a tower of gluten free chocolate profiteroles with some sugar shards. Filled with some extra thick double cream and delicious gluten free dark chocolate. I hope Mary and Paul would approve.




120g unsalted butter

300 ml water

150g gluten free plain flour

4 large free range eggs

gluten free chocolate 70%

extra thick double cream



pre heat oven 220c

To make the choux pastry


Put water and butter in a saucepan

Melt butter into the water and allow to start to boil


tip in flour and lower heat, stir / beat pastry vigorously

turn off heat after dough has formed into a ball and contains no visible flour

COOL well !


Put in your food processor or mix by hand ( hard work ! )


mix in machine or beat and gradually add the egg

once blended completely together

put in piping bag or use a tablespoon to make profiteroles

use greased baking tray, I used baking paper too



I managed to make 17 but wasted a little in the piping bag.

cook at 220c very hot oven for 1o mins

then reduce temperature to 190c for a further 20 mins



cool on wire rack

cut through the centre when cold

melt chocolate and dip the tops in to the melted chocolate



once the chocolate has cooled and set you can fill the profiteroles



I used extra thick double cream

using a pretty plate stack the profiteroles

to make a tower


then I added some sugar shards


All ready for this evenings Great British Bake Off final

Have a great evening! My money is on Richard @RichardPBurr

Good luck to Richard, Nancy and Luis all great bakers



4 thoughts on “Chocolate Profiteroles for the Great British Bake Off Final tonight

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