isabel’s gluten free sponge mix

Recently I purchased a new savarin cake tin obviously the only thing on my mind was to bake myself a cherry cake as soon as possible in the style of Mary Berry on Bake Off.



I thought this was a perfect opportunity to try out @isabelsfreefrom sponge cake mix. I bought the mix at the Allergy and Free From show in London  All I needed to add was cherries, butter and sugar ( I used a small amount of dextrose ) You can use a dairy free spread if you have a dairy intolerance.



The instructions were simple and the sponge and added cherries were soon in the savarin tin ready for the oven.




The mix had a strong vanilla smell when I opened the packet and I did wonder whether the family would like this in the cake. It definitely was a love, hate thing. Some really liked the vanilla flavour while others only tried a small slice commenting on the taste.

I thought the cake had a nice light texture and was very delicious. A real treat ,I found this cherry cake quite sweet as I never normally have icing sugar.


I was pleased with the results of the icing, I think I will make a similar cake at Christmas at it was a lovely centre piece.



You can buy isabel’s sponge cake mix from Simply free  <click here sponge mix is currently for £1.99

check out the website here

Isabel’s sponge cake mix



Lots more mixes available from isabel’s free from including dough balls, pizza mix and baking fix etc from Amazon, Ocado, Simply free

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