Gluten free lemon drizzle cupcakes

This is a really easy cake mix, with great results. I needed to quickly make up some cakes in a hurry these were perfect!


Lemon drizzle cupcakes

3 large free range eggs ( weight 200g )

200 g SR Flour gluten free ( I used Doves farm )

200 g unsalted butter ( room temperature )

150g sugar or dextrose

Lemon zest



pre heat oven 180c fan

Cream together softened butter and sugar


add beaten eggs gradually


add a little flour if it starts to split

grate zest from the lemon and add to mixture with the gluten free flour


mix well together

spoon into cake cases


bake for 15 mins until starting to turn golden and springy to the touch

cool on a wire rack


For Drizzle-

juice 1 lemon and add some sugar, dissolve sugar in the juice on a low heat


spoon on to the warm cakes and let it soak in

once completely cool, sprinkle some icing sugar on top.


store in an airtight container



To make them extra special remove the centre from the cake and add some good quality gluten free lemon curd or make some delicious homemade curd.

Happy Baking!




2 thoughts on “Gluten free lemon drizzle cupcakes

  1. They look nice and simple to make. I like the idea of lemon curd in the middle. We normally have a large lemon drizzle cake at home, it never lasts. I use pure spread instead of butter, but will definitely give this a try. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great recipe. Put some homemade lemon marmalade in the middle and fresh cream topping to make butterfly cakes. Delicious!!

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