Butternut squash baked chips

I am avoiding potatoes as I’m trying to follow the specific carbohydrate diet and was looking for an alternative to delicious regular homemade chips. Sweet potatoes work well but I wanted to try something new. Butternut squash slices are perfect. They cook in a hot oven in 25-30 mins and taste delicious.



Butternut squash chips- 

Butternut squash slices  ( I found these in Waitrose ) or whole squash

Beef dripping / virgin cold pressed coconut oil ( I use lucybee )

dried or fresh rosemary



pre heat fan oven 200c



slice the pre sliced squash into chip size pieces


melt beef dripping or coconut oil in roasting tray for a few minutes


carefully add the squash chips to the hot pan

sprinkle fresh or dried rosemary on the chips


use a spatula to turn the chips over to coat them in fat

pop back in the oven

roast for 25 mins in a very hot oven

turn once during cooking time



drain on kitchen roll sprinkle with coarse salt

serve and enjoy!




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