My review of Deliciously Ella’s sweet potato Brownies

I recently had a go at making some sweet potato brownies. I used Deliciously Ella’s recipe from her book


Click here for recipe Sweet Potato Brownies and video


I was intrigued to make these as I know they are one of the most popular recipes from Deliciously Ella


steamed sweet potato along with dates are the main ingredients


dates and cooked sweet potato are blended together


ready to bake


once cooled the brownies can be cut into squares


The Brownies were dense and semi sweet, perfect for an afternoon treat. The brownies do contain some gluten free flour so they are not grain free.

If you expect them to taste exactly like a highly sugar filled chocolate brownie you will be disappointed, these are definitely a healthy version with no refined sugar. If like me you are avoiding all refined sugar then they satisfy that sweet craving.

I’m sure I will make them again as they were very easy to make and I like the idea of using sweet potatoes in baking.

They were enjoyed by friends and family and my husband even served them up at a business meeting.

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