Welcome! Thank you for taking time to look at my blog.

I started this blog because I am passionate about eating as healthily as possible. I have seen huge positive changes to my health since improving what I eat and want to share  all I have been baking and cooking with others in a similar position as myself.

My blog shares successful recipes that I have tested which are gluten free, sometimes grain free and more recently low sugar . There are recommendations of recipe books and reviews of free from products and blog posts about restaurants, cafés and other food establishments that I come across on my travels.

Places where I have eaten gluten free safely or been able to buy gluten free and free from products in the UK and around the world. My blog continues to evolve as I do more and more research and learn new ways to bake and cook using the healthiest ingredients.

Recently I have been adding holiday destination posts and ideas of places to eat and stay safely .


About me 

My name is Helen Smyth and I have multiple food intolerances.
I am intolerant to gluten, yeast and more recently onions and garlic, paprika and  chillies.   I was diagnosed in 2014 with Crohn’s disease which came as a massive shock  to me.

Dr’s had always said I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Interestingly there is history of IBD in my family ,

I have not been formally diagnosed with Coeliac disease but cannot be tested as I have been gluten free for many years. I now see an NHS Gastro specialist who felt I had a classic Coeliac medical history .

I am very aware of cross contamination as have been caught out in the past. I have worked with a nutritionist who has found that I have ‘Leaky Gut’  I have taken probiotics, digestive enzymes etc and have removed refined sugar, alcohol and caffeine from my diet as much as possible.

Soon after my diagnoses of Crohn’s  in 2014 I stated working with a Inflammatory bowel disease specialist Greg Williams . Through Skype sessions , food diary etc .

I cannot recommend him enough. It has been literally life changing.  www.iamgregwilliams.com

I have only been on medication ( steroid ) for a very short time after having a capsule camera endoscopy that became stuck inside my bowel   . so out of my control!

Otherwise I have so far not used medication , A very careful diet , building up my good gut bacteria and avoiding stress are just part of how I am trying to keep it this way.

As often is the case I now have added Autoimmune diseases , I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis recently .

I hope you will find my blog posts interesting and helpful.

Feeling Fabulous!

You can follow me on Twitter @nels3 Gluten free Helen for daily Gluten Free and Free From news, information and chat.

 Fabulously Free From on Facebook  for recipes and reviews.



8 thoughts on “About

  1. Helen,

    I would like to make a digital painting (with a paintbrush and software) based on a photo I found on your website (link below). I am writing a children’s book, and the post office in the photo is in the book. I have never written a book before, so it is very unlikely that it will be published. But I wanted to ask your permission just in case. May I, please? Would you consider responding to me at julie [dot] mcdonald [at] courts [dot] in [dot] gov ? Thank you so much!



  2. Hi Helen,

    I’d like to invite you to an exclusive Free-From venue launch – would you mind sharing the best email address?

    Many thanks,

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