Worthing’s newly opened gluten free Café and Bakery

Yesterday I drove down to the Sussex coastal town of Worthing. It was a beautiful warm sunny day for the 1st day of October, making it a very pleasant drive. Ably assisted by my Sat Nav , I located the cafe easily and parked just down the road in a small car park.


The Sussex bread company cafe and bakery are on a busy road next to shops and language schools. It is also opposite Worthing Museum which helps to locate this new venture.


Sussex bread company cafe and bakery opened its doors on Saturday, so this was only the morning of day 4! I was greeted warmly by Jane one of the owners and after a quick look around I was offered the table by the window to enjoy my freshly made coffee. Dairy alternatives are available lactose free milk or almond milk etc.


Along with my coffee I decided on a savoury cheese and tomato muffin.


This can be served cold or warm. I chose to have mine cold and it was delicious,  But next time I think I would have it warmed up.



The cafe and bakery is set in a really quirky building with lovely lighting and considering it has only been open a few days it is certainly really starting to come together. Its wooden floors and small wooden cafe tables and wire crates and flour bags give it a rustic feel . I also noticed how clean the cafe was, and although not a huge selection of food how well it was displayed. Bearing in mind this is the first week of opening, I imagine more choices will gradually be added.


There was a good selection of quiches which can be taken away or eaten in with a green salad and coleslaw. Filled Firle Focaccia looked very inciting . Displayed on the stand were gluten free custard tarts, brioche and savoury muffins. Freshly made cheese straws were also on offer, they did look very delicious.


Along with Anzac biscuits and chocolate meringues. I would love to see a second choice of biscuit maybe that doesn’t contain gluten free oats. Something I try and avoid. I think I could have been very easily tempted with a gluten free chocolate cookie or similar.

The fantastic thing is that the cafe and bakery are 100% gluten free No need for food to be covered or segregated to avoid gluten contamination. You can eat everything! I liked the fact that no big deal is made of the fact that everything is gluten free. It does mention it on the flyer by saying With love, not gluten. This hopefully will give Sussex bread company more of a chance of breaking into the cafe market.



The bakery has been up and running awhile in Worthing serving the south east coast with fresh homemade gluten free bread. It has now moved to the premises here at the cafe meaning fresh artisan bread available every day except when the cafe is closed on a Sundays.

Hove organic flax and sunflower loaf an everyday seeded loaf,

Shoreham white Cob

and Firle Focaccia.

The Brighton is a mediterranean loaf available in two sizes but not available when I was there.

All named after places along the Sussex coast.

All these loaves can be ordered online from sussexbreadcompany  <click on the link 

So even if you are not within driving distance you can still sample this artisan gluten free bread.

As I am not able to have yeast I asked a number of gluten and gluten free friends and family to taste test the breads I had brought back.

The Firle Focaccia went down well “good flavour”  “lovely warm”  one thought it was ” a little dry and crumbly”  But a newly diagnosed gluten intolerant friend thought it was  “fragrant and aromatic with a nice consistency ”



The Focaccia contains buckwheat,tapioca and rice flour. Free range eggs, olive oil, milk, psyllium husk, yeast, sugar, salt and rosemary.


I hear it was very good with a good olive oil and balsamic vinegar!

This loaf was £3.90

The Shoreham Cob loaf had some good reviews too.


“A good crunchy crust and toasts very nicely”

“the bread holds together well so its good for breakfast with peanut butter etc”  ” not too crumbly”

“preferred this toasted”   “had rather an odd smell, but tasted good with crispy crust ”

The Cob contains buckwheat, tapioca and rice flours , psyllium husks,olive oil, xanthum gum, yeast, sugar,salt, and vit c.

This loaf cost £3.20


One of my reviewers made this yummy looking open salmon sandwich using the gluten free Cob loaf.

I froze the leftover bread in slices for easy use in the future. The bread doesn’t contain lots of additives so is best eaten straightaway or frozen. The Focaccia is best warmed with a sprinkle of water. I wrapped it in tin foil to avoid it drying out.

When I next pop down I hope to buy the Hove and the Brighton for family and friends to try.



The cafe and bakery had a steady flow of people through the door while I was there. A great start



If you are local to the Sussex area or holidaying on the Sussex coast do make a bee line for this cafe and bakery on Chapel road opposite Worthing Museum and just down the road from Connaught Theatre and cinema.


Do spread the word to fellow Coeliacs, gluten intolerant family and friends or simply those who love a good cup of coffee and some good quality artisan bread and tasty treats.

In the short term remember to take cash as the till is not up and running yet.


I look forward to visiting again in a few months to see how things have progressed . All the very best Sussex bread company in your new venture.

Follow on twitter @sussexbreadco

Facebook sussex bread company

Website   sussexbreadcompany.com < click here to take you to the website



I was not paid to do this review and bought my own gluten free goodies to eat in and take home.


Winner of 2014 World Bread Award #glutenfree for their Bracklesham Brioche burger buns 


Sussex bread company online –

Bracklesham Brioche Buns 


This month ( December 2015 ) I ordered 12 Bracklesham brioche buns for my nephews birthday party . They arrived on time , but one of the bags had split in transit. I think the bags need to be thicker. On lifting them out of the box I noticed how heavy they felt. The open bag didn’t seem to have had any adverse effect on the 6 rolls they were lovely and fresh.

Sadly once opened the Bracklesham Brioche buns were not the light brioche style rolls I was expecting. I still served them at the gluten free party of 12 adults, to go with pulled pork . They did not prove popular and were described as heavy , dense , crumbly and more like an english muffin and definitely not a brioche. I’m sorry to say I won’t be ordering them again. They were not cheap at £9 for 6


Some family took the leftover buns home and used them like crumpets/english muffins toasting them and adding cheese. They said they were much better eaten like this.


Gluten free at Côte Restaurants

On Saturday we ate out for the first time in ages, sadly I had been glutened so often in the last year, I had almost given up on going out to eat.

We decided to re visit a restaurant that we had eaten at twice before with no problems. Côte Restaurants are all over the UK . We chose to visit the Blackheath restaurant, in a perfect location looking onto the heath and church. Nathan the manager was quick to welcome us. I explained I was gluten free and he immediately returned with a gluten free menu. This was new as I hadn’t been offered this before, good to see! especially as there was a good choice for me, including a selection of puddings.




I chose a Sirloin steak and frites with salad garnish as did my fellow diners. I cannot recommend the frites enough, they are really Very good, and cooked in a separate fryer.


The food arrived quickly and my medium steak was perfect as were the frites. Sadly due to needing to make a quick get away to the theatre we couldn’t stay for a creme caramel. Maybe next time!


Côte restaurants

My most recent visit to Côte Brasserie in London

My most recent visit to Côte Brasserie in London

* Côte restaurant and Brasserie is now my Go To place to eat gluten free. Since writing this blog post I have been many times .

Find your nearest Côte here

Côte restaurant now has a gluten free menu in all restaurants

Eating gluten free at Côte Restaurant

To celebrate my recent Birthday we decided to go to the Theatre in London to see The Bodyguard and I also wanted to take the family out for a pre theatre meal. For most people this is an easy task. For me, a little more difficult. Having multiple intolerances makes eating out very difficult, gluten, yeast and onions a tricky combination.

Côte Restaurant was recommended to me as being Coeliac friendly.  I sent Côte an email asking for a little more information. Charlotte from Côte was very helpful, she sent me a list of gluten free dishes.

here it is!


Seasonal homemade Soup

Prawn Gratine ( ask for no croutons )

Roquefort salad ( ask for no croutons )

Smoked salmon ( ask for no dressing or sourdough bread )

Crab mayonnaise ( ask for no bread )

Moules Marinieres

Main course options-

Risotto vert

Chicken and walnut salad ( ask for no croutons )

Nicoise salad

Fish parmentier ( suprisingly! )

Roast duck breast

Pork belly

1/2 Chicken ( garlic, provencale and mushroom sauce all ok )

Steaks are all ok ( roquefort butter, bearaise and peppercorn sauce all ok )

Roast seabass

Goats cheese salad ( ask for no crostini )

Rump of lamb

Moules Frites


Creme caramel

Creme brulee

Chocolate pot ( from set menu )

iced berries

ice cream

We arrived at Côte near Covent garden Tavistock street at 5.45pm and were shown to our table at the furthest corner of the restaurant. Booth type seating, quite cosy for 6 of us. We were welcomed by our waiter who then went to fetch us some water. Sadly this did take a long while to turn up, maybe if we had been ordering wine etc it would have arrived more quickly. We ordered our food, I chose 1/2 Chicken with garlic butter and Frites, I was beyond excited about the frites, I cannot remember the last time I had proper french thin fries. Charlotte was able to reassure me that the frites are cooked in a separate fryer, brilliant news. No idea why more restaurants don’t do this.

The family chose Duck, Cassoulet, Moules, Steak and Chicken. The water arrived in unusual earthenware pots which was novel.

The food arrived quickly and everything looked amazing, My 1/2 chicken was absolutely delicious especially with the garlic butter and the Frites definitely lived up to my expectations, glad I ordered an extra side of Frites for the table ( for me really ) Everyone enjoyed their meal choices and we will be booking a return meal at Côte Restaurant very soon. Fortunately there are nearer Côte restaurants to us in Surrey.


It was the first meal in a while that I felt totally confident that it really would be gluten free, which makes such a difference to the evening for myself and the family.

The one thing I could see that could be improved upon would be the addition of a GF sign next to each meal choice that is gluten free. I imagine this would be very easy to do.

I would never have chosen this restaurant If It hadn’t been recommended as I saw no sign of gluten free choices. Not everyone has time to email these restaurants in advance, I took along 5 customers to Côte because I knew I could eat there, worth other Restaurants remembering!

I can definitely recommend Côte Restaurants to fellow Coeliacs and those who are gluten intolerant .

Maybe by the time You visit the gluten free options will be clearly marked on the menu.



The Bodyguard musical at the Adelphi Theatre was very good. Many of the best known Whitney Houston songs sung by Beverley Knight. If you are a fan of Whitney or the film The Bodyguard its worth a visit. The Côte restaurant is nice and close for a pre theatre meal too.

October 2014 – Côte now has a gluten free menu in all restaurants

Gluten free and Paleo restaurant coming to London, soon!

Pure taste has been running a successful pop up restaurant in Haywards heath Sussex and is now hoping to open a restaurant in the centre of London in 2014. The driving force behind this venture is Holly Redman a nutritional therapist and freelance chef.

It will be the first Paleo and free from restaurant offering a fine dining experience. Specialising in gourmet gluten free food perfect for Coeliacs. I am very excited about this project and urge you to check out their kickstarter video Here 

I have already pledged £250 which means Mr S and I can attend the Pre launch party ( A three course meal for two with drinks and entertainment ), why not come and join us? This would be a great chance to meet up. There are plenty of different amounts you can pledge from as little as a fiver.

So if you are a Vegan, Vegetarian, Coeliac, someone living gluten free or on a Paleo diet this will be the place for you. Please get involved Just 8 days left!

Hope to see you there!

UPDATE – Since writing this blog post I am thrilled to report, Holly has achieved the required funds with the help of Kickstarter  , Watch this space for more information . Well done Holly!

New update –  booking lines are now open for Pure Taste restaurant .  Westbourne Grove London

click here to book  > Pure taste

follow on Twitter @ptrestaurants

Restaurant opens in December 2014

Website – puretasterestaurant.com


Eating gluten free at Art cafe, North Norfolk

On Sunday we took a drive over to Overstrand and Cromer. After walking for miles on the beach we needed somewhere to warm up and have some delicious lunch. I remembered about Art cafe which caters for gluten free and vegetarians. I had come across this lovely cafe in the summer, so we made are way to Glandford a beautiful hamlet in the Glaven valley. About 2 miles from Holt and Blakeney.


Art cafe is North Norfolk’s only vegetarian restaurant, artisan cafe and art gallery, You will easily spot the cafe as its brightly coloured paintwork draws you over. Inside is a selection of local art and craft which is available to buy, further inside is the cosy restaurant with a wood burner to keep you warm and when we visited the interior was decorated with pretty christmas lights.

We settled down next to the wood burner after eyeing up all the cakes and breads on display. I quickly spotted a gluten free lemon polenta cake under a glass dome and some delicious looking bakewell slices.


Mr S chose the chestnut and sage soup for his lunch and I went up to chat to the waitress about what they could make for me. Never easy as not only can I not have gluten, I cannot tolerate yeast (wine, vinegar ) and onions. The waitress kindly said she would go and talk to the chef who came out to chat to me straight away. He suggested maybe some grilled vegetables and a dahl and said If I was happy for him to surprise me he would go and see what he could create. It is very nice to find a chef who was happy to work around your food intolerances. I waited eagerly for my lunch.


Our tea and coffee arrived and while we were waiting for lunch I had a wander around the art gallery, paintings, ceramics, handmade cushions etc

Very soon Mr S had his steaming hot chestnut and sage soup served with crusy slices of homemade bread and butter. you can have gluten free bread with your soup too.


Then the chef brought out my amazing lunch of grilled halloumi with grilled aubergine in a tapas style dish, another full of a delicious dahl all served on a board with a gluten free popadom and some mango chutney.


My lunch was one of the most exciting lunches I’ve had at a restaurant for a long while. Usually my lunch lacks flavour, In fact usually I have to just have a slice of cake as its often the only gluten free choice .This meal was bursting with different textures and spices. I will now be trying to copy this lunch at home.

Chef was keen to let me know that they could accommodate other dietary needs. They are open 7 days a week 10am – 4pm.

The only thing I would like to see improved upon would be to ensure any gluten free baked cakes, biscuits etc are covered and clearly away from any gluten filled products with a separate utensil for serving them.

If you are in North Norfolk I can recommend this very individual restaurant cafe and art gallery.

Well worth seeking out!

My visit to Seine Rigger for gluten free Fish and chips

A year ago today I started my gluten free blog. To celebrate I thought I would have a fish and chip lunch.

Seine Rigger is a fish and chip restaurant and take away in Banstead Surrey serving gluten free fish and chips, its quite a drive from me, but well worth it.

I rang in advance to book a table and inform them that I would require the gluten free menu. Seine Rigger ask you to give them at least 1/2hr notice to make up batter etc.


What always strikes me when I arrive at this take away and restaurant is just how clean and fresh it feels, which gives you lots of confidence as someone who has to avoid gluten. Something I don’t say about many eating establishments.


Today I chose to eat in, as its such a journey back home. I was greeted by a friendly waitress who showed me to my table. The restaurant is warm and welcoming and today was full of retired couples having lunch. One lovely elderly gentleman was reading the newspaper aloud to his lunch companion, very sweet.

I always get very excited eating out here I have total confidence in their knowledge of gluten free and cross contamination. A feeling I don’t have when I eat out normally with the exception of the italian restaurant Bruschetta in Kingston.

Today I ordered gluten free Haddock and chips with a side order of gluten free mushy peas. My pot of tea arrived very quickly, closely followed by an amazing looking plate of food. Being gluten intolerant you appreciate and get excited by food that others take for granted.


I could see at first glance that the battered haddock was lovely and crispy and the chips looked just perfect.


The fish was very fresh and the gluten free batter was indeed light and crispy and not at all greasy, far better than I remember regular batter to be. The chips were cooked well and again not greasy. Seine Rigger uses ground nut oil to fry in, and ensures that the temperature is perfect to avoid greasy food.

My mushy peas were very good, certainly ample for two people, I didn’t really do them justice on my own.


Also available if you have any room left, are pineapple fritters made with gluten free batter. I’ve never been able to fit in a pudding!

A perfect meal out ,  10 out of 10 I could not fault the food or service.

I can recommend this lovely restaurant, definitely worth the journey. One tip, leave extra time to find a parking space. I struggled to find a space today, a cold wednesday afternoon.



Here is their website Seine Rigger

and Seine Rigger facebook

Address 11 Nork way, Banstead


My visit to Bruschetta, Italian gluten free Restaurant in Kingston

Yesterday Mr S and I decided to make the journey over to Kingston for some authentic Italian food. Not just any italian food, but Gluten and yeast free, very exciting! I remember on my first visit to Bruschetta over a year ago I actually had a tear in my eye after eating my first mouthful of Pizza in many years due to my gluten intolerance.


Bruschetta turns gluten free eating out, on its head by offering gluten free pizza’s, pasta and puddings to everyone as First choice. You have to ask specially for a regular gluten filled pizza, Brilliant! I never worry about cross contamination when I eat here. Julia herself is gluten intolerant and her sister is a diagnosed Coeliac.

On Sunday we were the first people to arrive to the London road restaurant, but Bruschetta soon filled up and had a lovely buzzy atmosphere.  Like all good traditional italian restaurants it has a real family feel and I immediately felt transported back to holidays in Italy, In pre gluten free days.

Ordering is always difficult because I can never decided between the array of gluten free pasta dishes, risotto and pizza choices on offer. We eventually both decided on pizza’s Monteverde ( mozzarella, tomato, parma ham, fresh rocket and parmesan ) for me with extra chicken. Mr S had his usual, the famous Alex Corbisiero’s favourite ( Buffalo mozzarella, tomato, italian sausage, diced chicken and spicy salami )

The Pizza’s arrived quickly and were enormous and looked fabulous!


It is very exciting to be able to eat pizza out in a restaurant, being gluten and yeast free means I cannot eat out at the pizza chains. Making these occasionally treat meals very special.

We enjoyed our pizza’s very much, fresh ingredients and friendly staff adding to the experience and such traditional surroundings.

I was fortunate to get a chance to speak to Julia who explained that she goes to great lengths to find the best quality italian gluten free dried pasta’s, breadsticks, biscuits etc which are on sale in the restaurants. Christmas Panettone classes raisin or chocolate chip are still available but are selling out quickly.

As it was extra special to be eating out at an Italian restaurant, we allowed ourselves pudding as a treat. We both chose the chocolate and hazelnut cake slice with ice-cream baked by Julia. It was delicious and a very good size slice. I should have shared a pudding really. will remember next time!? Our meal cost approximately £20 per head for pizza, pudding and a bottle of water.


Bruschetta is really worth a trip, the gluten free Italian food is exceptional. The decor in the restaurant could perhaps do with an injection of cash to spruce it up a little but in some ways this just adds to the authentic italian family restaurant feel. Once the restaurant is full of people eating and drinking with lots of laughter and chatter, nothing else matters.


The restaurant is popular with some famous rugby players maybe you will spot one or two when you go along?  We have seen Alex Corbisiero who plays for England a couple of times, enjoying his favourite pizza with fellow players and friends.


Bruschetta is on Facebook

and Twitter

141 London road

Kingston upon Thames


0208 5469328