Homemade gluten free Bakewell Tart

It’s Tuesday so it must be baking day! It’s The Great British Bake off again tonight and the programme can’t be watched without having something to munch, preferably baked goods.


Today I thought I would have a go at a bakewell tart as i’ve never made one before.

I used a Doves flour recipe available here.  But used just slightly less jam.


Firstly I made some short crust pastry 100g Doves farm plain flour and 50g unsalted butter.


I chilled the pastry for 15mins before rolling out between cling film.


It doesn’t have to be perfect. Then I spread raspberry jam across the base.


Next I whisked the eggs and sugar together until fluffy, I added a little almond essence. Then added the ground almonds and gluten free self raising flour.


and poured the mixture into the pie dish. Finally sprinkling flaked almonds on top.

Bake for 35 mins until golden.


I served mine with clotted cream but custard would be great too.


Really simple to make. Tasted delicious and not too sweet.

Happy Baking!


gluten free, sugar free carrot muffins

Every Tuesday I am hoping to bake something ready for the Great british bake off. Today I decided to have a go at dietitionuk Carrot muffin recipe.

Instead of sugar Priya suggests using puree apple about 75g. I think when I make them again I will add a little more. As they really are not very sweet. Maybe adding slightly more cinnamon too.


First I prepared the carrots and puree apple, and pre heated the fan oven to 160c.


I decided to use Doves farm self raising flour rather than the combination of oat and rice flour.

I mixed together the flour, cinnamon and baking powder. I also added a tsp of isabel’s baking fix.

Then eggs, milk and Lucybeecoconut coconut oil. which I used instead of rapeseed oil. I think they would work well using a dairy free milk too.

Followed by the grated carrots and apple sauce and finally the sultanas.


The mixture was quite thick so next time I might add an extra egg.

I spooned the carrot muffin mixture into muffin cases.


After about 16mins they were ready to take out of the oven.


I had one warm with a cup of tea.


They are certainly not sweet when made without sugar, no surprise there. But if like me you are trying to restrict your sugar intake then I think as my palate changes these will taste sweeter. You can make them with sugar or possible maple syrup, honey or agave. But wanted to try out a recipe only using cinnamon and apple puree.


I will definitely make these Carrot muffins again, perhaps just tweaking slightly.

Great recipe @dietitianUk

Happy baking : )

Gluten free Cream tea time!

Gluten free Cream tea

Fabulously Free From

Wimbledon starts today, what better time to make some gluten free scones for an afternoon cream tea!

I started with a clean work surface very important when baking for Coeliacs or gluten sensitive friends and family. Also I pre heated the oven to 220c


250g SR Flour gluten free

2 tsp baking powder ( gluten free )

1 tsp Isabels baking fix (optional )

1  large egg

80g butter unsalted

a little milk up to 100ml


I weighed 250g of gluten free S R flour into a mixing bowl. To which I added 2 tsp of GF baking powder, both were from Doves farm . Then I added 1 tsp of Isabels GF baking fix, this is the first time I have added this. It should improve texture and extend shelf life. I then mixed the dry ingredients together.


Next I added 80g of real unsalted butter, chopped and…

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Gluten and Dairy free, raspberry bakewell cake

I have been wanting to make a cake for a while using coconut oil and only a small amount of sugar. Lucy bee coconut oil kindly gave me one of there favourite recipes to try.

A raspberry bakewell cake which sounded delicious and was gluten and dairy free.

As soon as my coconut oil arrived from Natures health box I started baking.



I pre heated my fan oven to 160c and measured out my ingredients. Coconut oil, eggs, caster sugar, gluten free SR flour ( I use Doves ) ground almonds and flaked almonds and fresh raspberries.

Link to @lucybeecoconut and the Raspberry bakewell cake recipe here


It was so simple I just had to combine all the ingredients and mix well.


Make sure you melt the coconut oil before adding, I used the microwave about 20 seconds.


When mixed well I spooned half the mixture into the bottom of my loose bottomed cake tin, then I added the raspberries and a final layer of cake mixture. Not easy , I had to use my fingers to spread it out as the mixture is very thick.


Then I popped it in the hot oven for 50mins until golden brown.


Using a loose bottom tin really helped, the cake came out with no problems.


I added just a dusting of icing sugar on the top.


I totalled up the cost of the cake, around £6.50. Not to bad considering the local free range eggs, fair trade organic raw coconut oil, and local raspberries

Organic raw Coconut oil is a good healthy oil, as opposed to things like vegetable oil and is much better for us. Hence why I wanted to start baking with it. I already use it in my Granola recipes and cook with it all the time. From scrambled eggs to roast sweet potato wedges which are delicious.

The Raspberry bakewell cake was a great success


The cake rose far more than I expected and had quite a dense texture more like a pudding, we served ours with clotted cream but think it would work better with double cream or custard. The cake would serve between 8-10.


Thanks @Lucybeecoconut for the recipe. Very delicious!

Review of Honeybuns Bakery new Gorgeous gluten free cake mix


Honeybuns Bakery kindly sent me their new cake mix to review. I love the packaging, the tube has a lovely 50’s feel to it. Right up my street!

Opening up the tube I found inside the bags of mixture and a sheet of cake ideas and baking tips, again very well presented.



I was a little concern by the amount of ingredients in the tube, it didn’t really look enough but I was keen to see if I would be proved wrong. To the flour mix you need to add your own butter or dairy free choice and 2 eggs.



You mix the two packets together in a large bowl, The flour combination of ground almonds, sorghum flour and golden ground flaxseed make for a very different texture  and appearance. I was getting more and more intrigued at how this cake would taste.

You then add the eggs and melted butter.


Once mixed together it should form a batter. This is then poured or spooned into two greased 7″ cake tins. Unfortunately I only had 8″ tins so knew it would spread out more than intended. Although I would have thought an 8″ tin was more the norm! Considering the cost £4.99 not including butter or eggs , I think I would expect a larger size cake. But thats just my opinion. Image

The Dog waits patiently in front of the oven hoping to get some cake later. She didn’t!


Sadly it was inevitable that my cake would be a little thin due to using the larger tin, I chose a traditional jam and butter cream filling, with a dusting of icing on the top. In retrospect I would use a less sweet filling next time. Possibly lemon curd as the cake itself is very sweet. Brown sugar is the first ingredient in the list coming higher than the three types of flour. 



The finished cake!



The sponge cake had a nice texture with a caramelised flavour. The cake colour is also different from your average cake mix or homemade sponge. Using ground almonds, sorghum and ground flaxseed sets this cake in a more luxury class. Making it a real treat cake for special occasions.



I served this cake last night to my family, 6 of us. There was plenty to go around, The family liked the cake but commented that it was quite sweet, probably not helped by the filling I had added. They are also used to a much lower sugar cake that I make myself.

The cake had easy to follow instructions and for a store cupboard special treat it would work well. I think it would make a great gift too for a Coeliac or gluten intolerant friend.

Check out all the other delicious ready made gluten free sweet treats here from Honeybuns bakery


Tips to avoid cross contamination from gluten

Newly diagnosed with Coeliac disease or sensitive to gluten? I have put together a few tips for staying gluten free.

Use separate area if possible for preparation in your kitchen, use easily identified chopping board. preferably not wooden. Glass or plastic work well as they can be cleaned easily.


Have your own labelled butter dish to avoid contamination from gluten covered knives. It is advisable to have separate jams and spreads as it is hard to keep these free from gluten crumbs. Squeezable jams and honey work well.

Wipe surfaces well before baking and cooking and make sure cloth hasn’t been used to wipe up gluten crumbs, flour etc .

Make sure utensils are thoroughly cleaned before preparing a gluten free meal.

Always keep gluten free food stuffs in separate cupboard to gluten containing foods especially flour. If using wooden spoons they need to be clearly marked gluten free and only used in GF cooking and baking as gluten can lurk in the wood. If possible have your own colander to drain gluten free pasta as the families colander/ sieve can have hidden gluten lurking in the holes even after using a dishwasher.

Treat yourself to your very own toaster clearly labeled and away from gluten toaster to avoid crumbs.


Make sure family grill is clean before using for gluten free food. Gluten lurks every where!

Wash hands thoroughly after feeding pets, most pet foods contain gluten.

There are Pet foods  available now that are gluten free.

Fridge doors can be a gluten trap, wipe down regularly.

Do not serve gluten free food and gluten containing food on the same plate e.g cakes. bread rolls

Best not to share a drink with someone if they are eating gluten, have heard of a case of friends sharing a water bottle causing her to be glutened.

Check with restaurants that they use a separate fryer to cook deep fried food like chips as oil will be contaminated with tiny amounts of gluten.

Always good to encourage family members to ‘clear as they go’ and not leave dirty plates possibly containing gluten on the work surface for you to clear up.

Wash hands regularly and change tea towels and cloths often.

If these simple precautions are taken, living and eating with gluten eaters doesn’t need to be a problem.

Any other tips? let me know

A new gluten free carrot muffin mix from Incognito cakes.



New to baking?  Not a problem! using this incognito muffin mix, instructions are very simple and the end products are delicious.

Firstly empty contents of mix into a mixing bowl and add 3 eggs and 170ml of vegetable oil. I am not dairy intolerant so prefer to use melted butter. Another option might be coconut oil, will try that next time.



Then add 3 medium sized grated carrots and stir in.



spoon the mixture into the cases provided, I had enough muffin mixture for an extra one, result!



The muffin mixture then goes in a pre heated oven for 15 – 20 mins 


check they are cooked by lightly touching the top of a muffin it should feel quite bouncy. Cool on a wire rack and wait. We struggled, Mr S ate his before it was completely cool. He loved it and he is a gluten eater.

Loved the texture and subtle cinnamon and nutmeg flavour, the grated carrot was still visible which I really liked. I think I will top my next muffin with a cream cheese and icing sugar topping, which I think would work well.

Incognito cakes hope to launch these mixes soon, to find out more click here