Review of Nutty Cranberry Maple Muesli from Bakery on Main


Nutty cranberry maple Muesli is a delicious sweet breakfast choice from Bakery on main available from Natures health box an online company with a large gluten free selection.

I would describe this more as a crunchy granola or cereal. Made with corn and rice.  It has a lovely maple syrup flavour and nutty golden clusters of sesame, sunflower and flax seeds and little cranberries. It was delicious with greek yoghurt and blueberries and was very good on its on when I had the munchies.

Natures health box has a choice of 7 different Bakery on main breakfast cereals and granola. The cost of these is £4.09 per bag

I have noticed the new packs are called Granola as opposed to muesli.

Disclaimer – This is an unpaid review, I was sent this product to try and I have chosen to review it.


I can recommend this breakfast cereal and would definitely buy it.

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