Fructose free and gluten free Coconut Meringue cake


After reading Sweet Poison: why sugar makes us fat by David Gillespie I decided to buy his second book The sweet poison quit plan. this book comes with helpful recipes using Dextrose instead of regular sugar ( I bought mine from Amazon )


David lost 40kg by eliminating sugar from his life. The book has a five step plan to break your sugar addiction. It makes very interesting reading, I can recommend both books.


I have been living low sugar for some while now and only have sugar for very occasional treat days. I am feeling great and have lost the itchy spots that had appeared around my tummy and chest in the last couple of years. The Doctor had told me it was due to sugar which I was shocked about, and she said that if I continued to carry on eating, as I had been. I would become Diabetic eventually. It was time to make some changes!

I love baking and it has been tough not using refined sugar in my bakes lately. I was thrilled to see David and his wife Lizzie have tried and tested recipes using dextrose in the latest book.

Here is my first attempt at the Coconut Meringue cake recipe



90g butter

70g dextrose

3 extra large egg yolks ( I used 3 large egg yolks and 1 egg )

vanilla essence

150g gluten free SR Flour

125 ml milk ( I needed slightly less )

Meringue topping – ( the best bit! )

3 egg whites

105g dextrose

85g desiccated coconut


bring eggs and butter to room temperature


cream butter and dextrose together


separate eggs, beat yolks

gradually add eggs then vanilla essence (mine curdled a little don’t worry, it didn’t effect bake )

beat again

add 1/3 flour and 1/2 milk


mix and gradually add rest of flour and enough milk to make a soft mixture

spoon into prepare 7inch loose bottom cake tin


beat egg whites until stiff, then gradually add dextrose


fold in coconut


spoon meringue mixture on to the top of the cake


bake in pre heated oven 180c lower to around 170c for fan oven

for 40 mins use skewer to check if cooked ( mine took 55 mins )



I was really pleased with my cake, the meringue topping was especially delicious and the cake was pleasantly sweet.

Mr S gave it the thumbs up too. He has also been sugar free for quite a while and is gradually and steadily losing weight.

I think this cake would make a perfect pudding or afternoon treat on Valentines day for anyone who has quit sugar. We all need a treat occasionally.

Happy ‘free from’ baking!