Homemade Granola, oat free and gluten free

As my gluten free granola has been so popular , I thought I would try to make an oat free version as many Coeliac’s cannot tolerate any form of oats.

Pre heat oven to 180c

Firstly I used the food processor to coarsely chop up all the nuts . I added almonds, hazelnuts , pecans, and brazil nuts 100 grams of each. Then I added 100 grams of desiccated coconut and 50g of roughly chopped pumpkin seeds and 50g of roughly chopped  sunflower seeds using the food processor. These can be left whole if you prefer.


Then I melted 150 ml of maple syrup and or honey, Agave syrup can also be used. To this I added melted coconut oil approximately 50 ml but you can add more if you prefer. Coconut oil is great, as its a healthy oil.


Stir into dry ingredients until all is well coated, and spread onto two greased baking trays.


Cook in pre heated oven for 7 mins then mix around to make sure all the granola changes to a golden brown colour. Pop back in the oven for a further 7 mins.


Cool, and store in air tight container. I always label mine gluten free and put a date on too. Will keep fresh for a month. But it never lasts that long!

Delicious served with full fat greek yoghurt and fresh berries. Good with gluten free ice cream too.


hope you enjoy!

Recently I have made this granola using more coconut oil about 100ml, you could use even more as it is a good healthy fat. Then I used less maple syrup about 100ml as I am trying to avoid using too much sugar.

Recipe for homemade Granola – gluten free and refined sugar free

100g Almonds

100g Hazelnuts

100g Pecans

150g gluten free oats

100g dessicated coconut

handful of pumpkin seeds

handful of sunflower seeds

handful of chia seeds ( optional )

approx 100ml Honey/Agave or maple syrup

100ml (melted ) virgin coconut oil raw

( or use 180ml of coconut oil and just 20ml of maple syrup. I find this sweet enough )


Put the nuts and some of the seeds in a food processor and roughly chop, then add to the rest of the seeds, dessicated coconut and oats. Melt the virgin coconut oil into the Honey/Agave. I put it in a jug over hot water.

Pour into dry ingredients and stir, add more melted oil if needed.

Oil two baking trays using more coconut oil and spread the mixture between the two. Pre heat oven to 180oc. Put in the oven for 7 mins then take out and give it a stir so that all mixture goes  golden. Then back in the oven for another 7 mins. Until granola is a golden colour.


After cooling, put in airtight container. The granola should stay fresh for a month. But it wont last that long!

Delicious for breakfast with berries and thick greek yoghurt, no added sugar. Or makes a great snack anytime.