No-Corn Cornbread

Today I gave a new recipe a go. Another great recipe from @comfybelly for no-corn cornbread using ground almonds and coconut flour.

Find the recipe here


Pre heat oven 165c

Put the ground almonds, coconut flour, bicarbonate of soda and salt in a bowl.


Beat the eggs, then add honey ( I used 1 tbsp instead of 2 ) melt the butter add to dry ingredients

add the almond milk

mix the wet ingredients into the dry. Mix well

To the mixture you can add chill powder or chives or grated cheese. I kept mine plain.

pour into a lined square cake tin 8 x 8 inch ( I think next time I will use a smaller tin as it was very thin )


Bake for 20mins

turn out onto a wire rack


cut into squares

serve with a yummy chilli or homemade soup



The result is a soft delicious bread, scrummy with butter on the top. Will definitely make this again. The batter didn’t rise very much but still looks great cut into squares.

Happy baking!