Grain free date and nut bread

Wheat belly cook book  by William Davis MD Author of the best selling Wheat Belly makes for a very interesting read. Included are lots of great recipes.


Today I tried a new recipe for date and nut bread using healthy ingredients like ground almonds, ground flax seeds and chopped pecans.



Grain free date and nut bread

In a bowl I added ground almonds, ground flax seeds, chopped pecans etc


and in a separate bowl I mixed eggs , almond milk and melted butter

Then I added the wet into the dry ingredients.


I mixed carefully and spooned the batter into a greased loaf tin.

I baked the loaf for 40 mins.



It was tough waiting for it to cool down. It was well worth the wait, it was delicious. Really hard to believe it doesn’t contain any grains or yeast.


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