Delicious and healthier ‘Nutella’ style chocolate and hazelnut spread from Deliciously Ella

Today, as its almost Shrove Tuesday ‘ Pancake day’ I thought I would have a go at a recipe from Deliciously Ella’s new App

Her version of Nutella looked amazing! The App is well worth buying. Healthy delicious recipes with great photo’s too

Deliciously Ella’s Nutella



2 cups of Hazelnuts

1/2 cup water

1/2 cup of a good quality maple syrup ( I used brown rice syrup + 2tbsp maple syrup ) As I’m trying to avoid too much fructose

3 tbsp of raw cacao


bake hazelnuts for 10 mins in hot oven 180c


remove and cool

Place in a food processor and blend for 10 mins ( yes 10 mins!  : )

You can stop and start the processor. I found it interesting to watch the nuts turn to a sand like consistency then into what looked like wet sand and eventually to a nut butter.


then add the maple syrup and raw cacao blend again until fully combined. It will turn thicker don’t worry.


Once combined well, gradually add the water


when all the water is combined it should look and smell like traditional Nutella

taste to check for sweetness, as I had used brown rice syrup it wasn’t sweet enough so I had to add a little maple syrup. If you use Ella’s recipe yours will be fine.

I filled a clean coconut oil jar with the chocolate and hazelnut spread and will keep it in the fridge. If it lasts that long!


You can follow Deliciously Ella on Twitter here @deliciouslyella

Follow her amazing blog here Deliciously Ella

UPDATED feb 2015 – Deliciously Ella now has a fantastic recipe book out with lots of delicious healthy recipes. Available on Amazon and in all good book shops . I have it and love the gluten free recipes, I can recommend this book .

Updated feb 2016 Deliciously Ella Every Day is now out review here

Just for your interest this is the ingredients of Nutella as they appear on the jar

Sugar, Vegetable oil, Hazelnuts 13%, Fat reduced cocoa,7.4%, Skimmed milk powder 6.6%, Whey powder, Emulsifier, Lecithin  (soya) Vanillin