gluten free Harvest Apple Pie

This weekend we celebrated Harvest festival. The perfect pudding in my opinion at this time of year is an apple pie. Since being gluten free I have not had apple pie and definitely never thought of making one. But after making a couple of tarts and pies recently and the pastry being a success I thought I would give it a go. Now I’m trying very hard to Leave Out Sugar from all my cooking. not so easy to avoid when dealing with bought goods from either the high street or independent gluten free companies. I am fortunate to have a Farm shop and Orchard just down the road from us in Norfolk @droveorchard . We are spoilt for choice at this time of year with a huge array of apple varieties both eaters and cookers. Available to pick yourself or buy straight from the farm shop. Image Because I didn’t want to use any sugar in this recipe I chose a selection of eating apples Image Katy Image Discovery Image Suffolk pink Image Worchester Such a huge selection it was difficult to choose. Recipe for Harvest apple pie Shortcrust pastry – 200g plain Gluten free flour ( I used Doves farm ) 100g unsalted butter ( I used Anchor ) optional – 1 tsp of Gf  baking fix from Isabel’s naturally free from  I use it in pastry, cookies and cakes. A little cold water to bind together Filling- selection of eating apples  475g peeled cored and sliced. 1tsp of cinnamon 2 heaped tsp of cornflour 20g  unsalted butter Firstly make pastry, put flour and cubed butter into a bowl and rub together to form breadcrumbs add a little water a couple of tbsp and bring together with a knife and then with your hand. Image pop onto a piece of cling film, cover and chill in the fridge. Pre heat oven to 220c Then put the peeled cored and sliced apples into a bowl add cornflour cinnamon and butter, gently mix together. Image Roll out 1/2 the chilled pastry between two pieces of cling film, I promise it really helps! Image Using the bottom piece of cling film manoeuvre the pastry into place in the pie dish. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Then add the apple filling it will look a lot. The apple will go down once cooked. Roll out second ball of pastry in the same way and pop on to the top of the pie. Image Some of the apples I chose had a beautiful pink flesh making the pie a pretty pink colour. Egg wash the pie,  just whisk up an egg and brush the top of the pie. Make a slit in the centre of the pie to let the steam out. Image Put in very hot oven 220c for first 15 mins , then turned oven down for final 35 mins to 175c Image The Harvest apple pie can be enjoyed on its own or with a big dollop of double or clotted cream. Enjoy! Image The pink coloured apple centre tasted delicious and didn’t need any extra sugar. Apples from- Drove Orchard Thornham, Norfolk