Eating free from in Hong Kong

One of our first meals in Hong Kong was at a tiny spanish tapas bar full of ex pats. The food was very good, I was able to have simple prawns in garlic. Brocolli and goats cheese and seabass simply cooked, and some quails eggs with celery salt.
The next day to celebrate the Wedding of my brother in law the following day, the Smyth clan and his ushers went to another small restaurant this time Italian run by a very friendly couple. They had pre prepared a special meal for me to run alongside the celebration meal they served to the others. 13 of us in all. We took up almost the entire restaurant on one long table. I was served first a delicious salad of pear and a soft cheese. It was delicious, followed by a clear soup I think made from orange and fish stock. The family had theirs with tiny ravioli floating in it. My next course was spinach and ricotta balls ‘ naked ravioli ‘ . Followed by sea bass and tomatoes. Lots of garlic and chilli in my food that night which made such a nice change. Usually everything is so plain. It was so tasty I had to keep checking with the owner that it really was yeast free. He assured me it was and went in to great detail about how they made each course.


In Hong Kong last night we ate out at Aqua. We wanted to go somewhere special as it was our sons last evening before flying home to the UK. Sensibly they had already checked their suitcases in before we boarded the Star ferry.
The restaurant had a amazing views over to Hong Kong island and the laser show that happens ever evening at 8pm .
The restaurant was Italian and Japanese. I chose Italian, A simple Lobster salad with no dressing just olive oil followed by Cod and asparagus.



All very delicious and safe for me. The restaurant had been informed by email about my food intolerances, so they were prepared for my arrival! Which makes for a much more stress free meal.

For breakfast/ Brunch we have mainly eaten in our hotel room as we have a tiny kitchen. Omelettes have been the easiest to achieve with lots of cheese from the local international supermarket. We also found some delicious yoghurts. Only downside was food in that particular supermarket was very expensive. £7 for a block of cheddar cheese! I brought gluten free cereal from the UK In my suitcase which just about survived the journey!

Here are just a few photo’s of some of the food I have eaten in Hong Kong .