My review of Helen’s brilliant bread

I was pleased to be asked to test out some of Food by Helen’s mixes my review of some of her other mixes is available here. My final mix to try was the Brilliant bread I just needed to add water and oil.


The instructions were very easy to follow I decided to make mine by hand but there are methods on the reverse for breadmaker or electric  mixer.


All you need is water and oil


Add the dry mix to water and oil

mix well and pour into greased bread tin ( 4.5in-9in )


No kneading!

Leave to prove in a warm place or Helen suggests you sit the loaf tin in a tray of warm water for 40 mins and it doubles in size.

Then pop in the oven for 35-40 mins


I was impressed with the crusty top and springy texture


cool on a wire rack


slice and enjoy with some good butter

The family’s verdict was “Amazing”  “delicious”   ” best gluten free bread I’ve tasted”

The cost of the bread mix  is £2.49 very good value I think.

I will definitely be buying this mix again, I think the family will demand it!



You can follow Food by Helen on Twitter @foodbyhelen


Food by Helen also has a brown bread mix and a seeded bread mix both costing £2.49  €2.95

and a scone mix for the same price

Easy yeast free and gluten free sunflower and pumpkin seed bread mix

Today I decided to have a go at a new bread mix I came across at the Allergy and free from show at Olympia. Made by Sukrin the sunflower and pumpkin seed bread is gluten and yeast, milk and soy free. The bread mix and other products including almond and sesame flour both gluten free are available from a selection of stockists

ImageFirst I pre heated the oven, then tipped the contents of the packet into a bowl and added water.

Mixed well and left for 3 mins. The mixture absorbed the water and became quite thick. I poured the bread mix into the container provided and popped it in the oven. Couldn’t have been more simple. loved it!



Baking time is approx 1hr 20mins which seemed along time for such a little loaf. After 1hr 10 mins I checked the loaf and after taping the bottom decided it was cooked. It came out of the baking tray easily.


The trickiest part was leaving it to cool. I wanted to tuck straight in. The loaf looked really good. Very impressed!


Once the bread had cooled I cut myself a couple of slices and spread some proper butter on top.  I was blown away by the taste and texture of the sunflower and pumpkin seed bread. The best bread I have eaten since being gluten and yeast free and the easiest to make too.


10\10 for ease of making and quality of the final loaf. Well done Sukrin! a fabulous loaf. Hard to believe it is gluten and yeast free and low carb too.

The only thing that could possibly be improved upon is the size of the loaf. Rather on the small size, its not going to last me very long.

Will definitely be ordering again.