Grain free chocolate brownies

I have been looking around for a grain free chocolate brownie recipe. I’m trying very hard to stay grain free, I find I stay almost symptom free this way. There are plenty of gluten free recipes but I wanted something with no grains just nuts and if possible no refined sugar. I still need sweet treats !


I came across a recipe from Elana’s Pantry. New York Times best selling author . I use many of her delicious recipes .

Here is her recipe for  Paleo Brownies there are lots more recipes on her website Alana’s Pantry

follow her on Twitter @elanaspantry

I liked the recipe but wanted to change a few things

Grain free Chocolate Brownies

100g ground almonds

1/4 tsp salt

1/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda

110g gluten free dark chocolate I used 85% Green & Blacks

12 medjool dates

3 large eggs

1/2 cup coconut oil

to decorate

walnut pieces

assorted gluten free dark chocolate drops I used Sainsbury taste the difference dark chocolate drops and Montezuma dark chocolate buttons



Firstly I soaked the dates in coffee, you could just use boiling water

make sure the stones have been removed

I put the ground almonds, salt and bicarbonate of soda in a processor

then I added squares of the chocolate into the ground almonds etc and processed until fine power


I drained the dates and added them to the food processor


whizzed up the mixture again until smooth with the other ingredients

added the coconut oil , soften slightly if very hard

processed again

added the 3 beaten eggs whizz up again

check everything is well mixed together using a palette knife

The batter should not be to thick


I spooned the batter in to a 8×8 prepared tin

decorated with chocolate buttons and drops and walnut pieces

pressed the chocolate and walnuts down slightly


popped in the oven 170c for about 20 -22 mins

until cracks appear on the top.


leave to cool for as long as you are able!


cut into squares and enjoy.


these are not a healthy treat as they are still high in fructose from the dates and small amount of sugar in the dark chocolate.

But we all need a sweet treat sometimes.

The brownies were dense and delicious not crumbly or overly sweet. its along time since i’ve eating a regular gluten filled brownie so I can’t compare. I certainly prefer the sweetness level of these treats to a gluten free sugar filled version. Although I might add even more chocolate buttons next time.






Review of Delicious Alchemy’s gluten free Chocolate brownie mix

Recently Delicious Alchemy sent me 3 of their products to test and review, Even the box they arrived in caught my eye, the family were intrigued and commented on the packaging.


Included in my box of goodies was a brown bread mix, a brownie mix and rice flake porridge.

Firstly I tried the brownie mix, perfect as I was cooking for 7 that evening. The ingredients and method are written on the packaging. The family all commented about the attractive packaging . Very eye catching!


Very simple to make just melted butter or dairy free alternative and 2 eggs beaten added to the mix



poured into a prepared square tin and popped in a pre heated oven


Mine took slightly longer than the stated time

but baked perfectly and came out of the tin with ease.


I sliced into squares after cooling on a wire rack


and served with extra thick double cream.


I thought these were very nice, very sweet  but as I’m not regularly eating sugar anymore I expected this. The family all gave them a big thumbs up and said they tasted like regular gluten filled brownies also lighter than some had expected.


A very easy mix perfect for treat days ! £2.99 to buy on Delicious Alchemy website

you can follow Delicious Alchemy on Twitter @4GlutenFreeFood

and on Facebook delicious alchemy 

Website here delicious