Review of The Primal kitchen Paleo bars

The Primal kitchen kindly sent me their three new Paleo bars to try and review. I had recently tried the nak’d bars so was very interested to try these.


The company was founded by nutritionist Suzie Walker, she wanted to create a bar that you could eat on the go! when on a Paleo , grain free diet.

There are three bars coconut and macadamia, almond and cashew and brazil nut and cherry.

Firstly I tried the almond and cashew bar, this flavour appealed to me the most. I was pleased that it didn’t taste overly sweet, it almost looked homemade, you could easily see the little pieces of nut. It really was very good.


Then I tried the brazil nut and cherry paleo bar, I actually turned my nose up at this when I saw the word cherry, I thought it would have a strong cherry taste. Actually I couldn’t taste cherry, which suited me. But I could clearly see large pieces of cherry in the bar which were a nice addition to the texture . I could clearly taste the brazil nut which was very nice. I surprised myself and really liked this one too.


Thirdly I tried the coconut and macadamia nut bar. A lighter in colour bar, still with good pieces of macadamia nut . Again not too sweet. The bars don’t crumble or fall apart and were very filling.


I loved the packaging it is simple and eye catching. I liked the ‘Go against the grain’ written on the side of the wrapper. Each bar weighs 45g. Nak’d bars weigh in at 35g . My only criticism  would be that it isn’t easy to find or read the ingredients. Hidden slightly by the join in the wrapper. 14.1 g of sugar per bar ( dates ) The words gluten free or dairy free are not used on the wrapper. But on the website it states that the bars are gluten and dairy free. These bars are refined sugar free, but still contain sugar in the form of dates.

The dried fruit does not contain vegetable oils or added sugar and sulphites.


You can buy the bars on the website

a mixed box of 18 bars ( 6 of each ) is £27

Also available on Ocado website and these online stores click here

£1.59 each on

Also available from at £1.59 each

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I will certainly be adding these to my shopping list, They will be perfect energy bars for my husbands cycling trips and great to keep in my handbag for those emergency moments when you are out and cant find anywhere gluten free to eat safely. They are perfect for festivals too, or that occasional sweet treat.


 October 2014

recently I was sent a new addition to The Primal Kitchen Paleo bar range Hazelnut and Cocoa raw paleo bar

I was surprised to find I wasn’t keen on this new addition. I found it had a very strong flavour ,almost with a burnt taste. I tried both bars but couldn’t finish either. Maybe the cocoa is just too bitter for me in this one. I loved the other bars.