Banana, date and walnut bread

This fab recipe from An Aussie with Crohns is dairy free, grain free and yeast free. A perfect recipe for me, being gluten and yeast intolerant . I’m rarely able to enjoy fresh homemade bread .

Tonight is Great British bake off and it is almost impossible to watch without some kind of homemade baked goodies. Or maybe its just me!

Its more fancy bread and doughnut making on Bake off today. Really tough to watch when you are gluten and yeast intolerant.

I’m glad I’ve got a large slice of  grain free banana, date and walnut cake to eat along with the show!

Banana, date and walnut bread


recipe here 

Firstly I chopped dates and walnuts together in my food processor


I put ground almonds and coconut flour in a bowl and added bicarbonate of soda and mixed spice.


I melted the coconut oil and honey ( I used 1/4 cup of honey ) and added to the flour

The small banana’s and eggs were whisked together using a hand blender


and finally I added the chopped walnuts and dates to the bread mix.


I prepared a brownie tin rather than a bread tin and spooned in the bread mix.


The bread baked at 160c for about 37 mins, keep checking incase it burns.

My breads smelt delicious


I have to try and hold off eating the entire loaf before The Great British Bake Off tonight!


The bread has a lovely flavour. I particularly like the addition of dates to the mix. It has a nice sweet taste and is definitely the best grain free  banana bread I’ve made.

Family has given it a big thumbs up and agreed its the best so far.

Do take a look at An Aussie with Crohns website, lots of delicious recipes.




Grain free Banana bread

I found myself today with rather too many over ripe bananas. After searching the internet I found this quick and easy banana bread recipe using almond and coconut flour. The recipe is here from and completely gluten free.


I have slightly changed the recipe

I used 3 bananas 300g

and only 1 tbsp of honey/ brown rice syrup

2 tbsp coconut oil ( instead of olive oil)


Mix together dry ingredients in one bowl


and wet ingredients in another



Mix together well

I used a lined square tin 8x8in which meant it was cooked in 35mins


Delicious cut in to squares on its own, or spread with butter

I found the banana loaf had a lovely texture and quite sweet enough.


Makes a delicious quick breakfast or afternoon treat.

Happy Baking!

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