Grain free mini pancakes

Inspired by grain free mini pancakes made by a friend over Christmas I thought I would have a go myself.

These are perfect as they are gluten free and grain free and taste very light yet similar to the blinis I remember from gluten eating days.


Grain free mini pancakes


2 tbsp coconut baking flour ( I used fair trade Tiana organic ) you need very little of this flour.

1tsp gluten free Baking powder

3 large free range organic eggs

50ml of milk

Coconut oil ( I used Lucy bee coconut oil )


put coconut flour and baking powder in a bowl


Add the 3 beaten eggs, use whisk to mix together

Add up to 50ml of milk if necessary


leave for a few minutes

then heat a frying pan with good tsp of coconut oil

drop a spoonful of mixture at a time into the pan


It will cook very quickly, turn over when brown on one side and brown the other side.

they will puff up slightly,

continue with all the batter adding more coconut oil when needed.

cool and serve with full fat cream cheese and smoked salmon or a topping of your choice.


Delicious for a treat with extra thick double cream and blueberries. No need for sugar


These are the amazing grain free pancakes made by my friend Liz at Christmas. She added edible glitter to give them an extra sparkle.