Gluten free ‘oatmeal’ raisin cookies

I really miss biscuits and cookies since starting on the Specific carbohydrate diet. When I spotted this recipe in cooking for the Specific Carbohydrate diet by Erica Kerwien I was excited to give them a go!



The recipe is also available on comfy here


The recipe is called ‘oatmeal’ raisin cookies and uses coconut to give the same texture as oats.

Firstly I mixed the wet ingredients the almond butter ( I used Meridian smooth almond butter ) gorgeous ! an egg and vanilla extract.




To this I added the dry ingredients the desiccated coconut, ground cinnamon, bicarbonate of soda salt and raisins

then I mixed everything together.


I spooned mixture on to baking tray with parchment paper leaving a space for the cookies to spread. I made mine quite big and only made 11 the recipe says you can make 24!


they cooked quickly and in just 12 minutes the were baked and smelling delicious.

I allowed them to cool, on a wire rack


They were chewy and delicious and very moreish

You could lower the amount of honey if you are watching your sugar consumption . But these were made for a very rare treat. So I left the recipe as it was.


My husband said these were the best biscuits he had eaten in ages. I will have to hide the rest!

( We only have gluten free biscuits in the house )

I have tried many of the recipes from this book and can recommend if you are avoiding grains or are gluten free, or simply if you are trying to eat more healthily.

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