My review of Against all Grain by Danielle Walker

I recently purchased Against the Grain, I am always on the look out for grain free ideas and Paleo recipes . This recipe book is huge with over 150 recipes from breakfast ideas to main meals and grain free bakes. Most ingredients are easy to obtain , Coconut aminos I think is the other ingredient so far that I haven’t come across before.




Recently I had ago at making the n’oatmeal raisin cookies these turned out to be extremely popular with the family and only lasted a day!


The recipe was simple and easy to follow , the cookies were soft and chewy and very delicious



I also made the Banana mouse pancakes, These tasted just like pancakes I would expect to be served in the States with lashings of maple syrup. Really hard to believe they are both gluten and grain free!






There are ideas as alternatives to potato for instance mashed cauliflower and as an alternative to rice coconut – lime ‘rice’ using cauliflower .


Danielle Walker is the creator of a popular Paleo food blog. Having been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease at 22 ( Ulcerative Colitis ) and unable to alleviate her symptoms by conventional medicine  , Danielle removed grains, lactose, legumes, and refined sugar from her diet and has virtually eliminated all her ailments. Having Crohns disease myself I can completely identify with Danielle and try to eat grain free and cows milk free also avoiding refined sugar.

I purchased my copy of Against all grain from Amazon for £20.30 this is a soft back recipe book .

I look forward to trying out lots more of these recipes very soon.

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My review of Hemsley + Hemsley The art of eating well

Recently I treated myself to a new recipe book, The art of eating well by Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley. I am constantly looking for healthy recipes that are gluten free and low sugar. This recipe book has additional information on healthy eating with tips on what to stock in your kitchen. I am excited to try out as many of the 150 recipes as I can. The photographs are enticing and the recipes are clear and easy to follow.


The first recipe I tried was the Baked Broccoli fritters with a spicy avocado dip, I halved the recipe.


I decided to use a food processor but you can grate the broccoli



adding parmesan cheese and ground almonds etc


They looked really lovely, I was pleased with how they turned out.


I was impressed with the baked result and was excited to try them with the fresh avocado dip


They tested good and would make a great starter, they have a strong flavour but not unpleasant.

Next I tested out the Sticky toffee pudding recipe. I had extra guests for dinner and thought this would make a perfect pudding.


The recipe was easy to follow and the entire pudding is made in a food processor. Completely grain free and containing no refined sugar this was a perfect recipe for me.


It smelt amazing and tasted even better, especially covered in the sticky toffee style sauce.


The pudding was light and not overly sweet. Very different from a classic sticky toffee pudding that is so very sweet it sets your teeth on edge.


I can recommend this pudding which serves 10 and tastes just as good warmed the following day. My only comment would be that I found that there wasn’t enough sauce ,so I made a second batch.

When I made the recipe I blended the softened dates in with the pudding mixture rather than stirring them in at the end. This made for a smoother pudding with no pieces of date which I prefer.

Finally today I made the Chocolate brownie recipe. Made using black beans I was rather intrigued to see how these would taste. Again these were made in my food processor.



an interesting collection of ingredients!



Very pleased with the result. I could hardly wait for it to bake.


I am thrilled to be able to eat a chocolate brownie and not feel too guilty. It was tough waiting for the chocolate brownies to cool completely.


the brownies were a little tricky to get out in one piece. But oh my they tasted wonderful. Again not overly sweet but definitely sweet enough, very indulgent.

I can recommend this healthy recipe book. If you are looking for gluten free healthy options that taste delicious this book would be worth adding to your collection.

The Hardback recipe book cost me £12 on Amazon

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