Birthday and Bake Off

Today is my niece’s first birthday, yesterday was spent baking in readiness for the celebration family lunch party. I bought some tasty gluten free Cumberland sausages and chicken nuggets from Marks and Spencer’s along with some cocktail sticks for a retro birthday feel. I also made a grain free smoked salmon quiche with a mixed salad Click here for the recipe A birthday cake was the most important bake of the day. We decided on a Victoria sandwich 3 layer cake with 2 fillings a strawberry low sugar jam and a butter cream filling. This was topped of with a layer of 70% dark chocolate. Here is the recipe I used > click here 

I made two cakes and used three of the layers.


The cake was a success, the family all enjoyed it.



For my little niece I made some no refined sugar cake pops using a mashed banana and a tiny amount of good quality maple syrup.





I was thrilled that she loved them.


It is also The Great British Bake off tonight so I felt I should join in with the biscuit baking. Instead of making a gluten free biscuit I decided to make a batch of grain free low sugar ones.


This was a recipe from An Aussie with Crohns >click here <to get the recipe for Jam Pinwheels



I rolled out the dough between two pieces of grease proof paper



I spread a little apricot jam on the dough



I then used the grease proof paper to help roll the dough up like a swiss roll


The rolled dough was then chilled overnight


They baked quickly and were then left to cool and firm up


These are not what I would describe as a true biscuit, they don’t snap or really melt in the mouth but they do taste nice and are low sugar so ideal for those who are avoiding all grains and those avoiding sugar.

If I was in the bake off this week I would definitely be out in this round!

I was far more focused on our family birthday party today which went really well with all the family being hopefully well fed. A wonderful family event sharing food and making lots of memories.



Enjoy Bake Off tonight

Happy Baking!