My review of Deliciously Ella’s grain free mince pies

Ever since I watched Ella’s video with Waitrose for her mince pies I have been desperate to make them for myself. The recipe is now on Deliciously Ella’s blog You can click through here> Mince Pies Recipe 

This is how I got on …


the mincemeat looked delicious even before it was cooked.


the kitchen smelt of Christmas.

Then for the pastry


the grain free pastry was nice and easy to make, but not a cheap recipe. Quite a greasy dough but rolled out ok.


These were then baked blind


I filled them with the delicious filling, cut small stars from the remaining dough and then popped them back in the oven.


Do resist taking them out of the tin, let them cool completely.


Then enjoy with a cup of tea or a mulled wine.


I found the recipe and video easy to follow, the ingredients are quite expensive but I managed to make 22 small mince pies . Ella made 12 larger ones. In my opinion they are well worth the cost. There is almost a chewiness to the pastry, very indulgent and the filling was scrumptious . I baked my second batch for slightly less time than was recommended as the first batch were a little dark in colour. Interestingly they didn’t taste burnt. My second batch were a better colour. No soggy bottoms just delicious pastry. The pastry holds together very well. Hard to believe that these mince pies do not contain any grains. Perfect if you are gluten intolerant or have Coeliac disease. The pies are also dairy free and refined sugar free, although definitely not sugar free as they contain a huge amount of dried fruit.

find more of Deliciously Ella’s recipes here DeliciouslyElla

no added sugar, gluten free Mince pies

Today I stood in a shop looking longingly at the gluten free mince pies, but when I looked at the ingredients Sugar was top of the list. I decided they weren’t for me, and spent the drive home in the car inventing my own.

This was the result


short crust pastry-

200g gluten free plain flour

1tsp isabel’s baking fix

100g unsalted butter

ice cold water


5 Medjool dates

2 eating apples

50g mixed nuts I used pecan almond and brazil

1/2tsp allspice

1/2tsp cinnamon

50g raisins

You may like to add mixed peel, cranberries, brandy etc Have fun inventing your own mincemeat .

pre heat oven 200c 15-20mins

Make the shortcrust pastry

rub cubed butter into flour to resemble breadcrumbs

add a little cold water to form a ball using hands

cover in film and put in fridge for 1hr

make filling

using a food processor chop nuts, dates and the peeled and chopped apples

add allspice and cinnamon. You could add a little orange juice if you wanted the mixture less dry,

then mix all together with raisins.


roll chilled pastry between two pieces of cling film


using a large circle cutter, cut out 10 or more circles and place carefully in

greased muffin tray


spoon mixture into pies


cut little stars using remaining pastry to sit on top of the mince pies

put in the pre heated oven for between 15-20mins

cool on wire rack, then devour with a big dollop of extra thick double cream.


Just delicious! who needs to add sugar