Grain free crackers

I was in search of a simple grain free cracker to have with cheese that I could make easily and would store well. Shop bought gluten free crackers often contain yeast or onion powder so no good for me. There are lots of grain free recipes online and also in my many grain free recipe books I have in my kitchen , I tested a few variations out and this combination worked well. These little square crackers are tasty and are a good accompaniment to cheese .

These crackers are egg free, yeast free and dairy free too.




200g  of ground almonds

1 tbsp sesame seeds

1 tbsp poppy seeds

pinch of  salt

1 tbsp ground flax seed and 3 tbsp water mixed together and left for a few minutes

1 tbsp olive oil

( you could try using other spices or seeds )



pre heat oven 170c

mix the ground flax seed and water together and put to one side

mix the salt, ground almonds and all the seeds together



add the olive oil and the flax seed mixture



stir to form a dough

bring together with your hands


place a piece of grease proof paper on your work surface

divide the dough in to two halves

put one half of the dough onto the paper and put a second piece of grease proof on the top

roll out with a rolling pin, not too thin


remove the top piece of grease proof

using a pizza cutter, cut the dough into squares but leave as one piece



put the grease proof paper complete with the crackers on to a baking sheet

repeat with the second piece of dough

pop the two trays in to a pre heated oven 170c

bake for 15 mins

they will start to turn golden brown on the edges



cool for 15mins, the crackers will be ready to separate

store in an air tight container

Enjoy with cheese, butter or your favourite topping







Grain free fish fingers

After the success of the grain free chicken nuggets I thought I would have a go at grain free fish fingers. I  recently had some frozen shop bought gluten free fish fingers but was disappointed by the quality of the fish inside. I decided to make a grain free version myself so I could then make them with good quality fresh fish. I was really pleased with the results.


recipe- serves 2

1/2 cup of almond flour

1 tbsp ground flax seeds

1 tsp turmeric  ( or a mix of turmeric and a little paprika  )

1 tsp salt

pepper to taste

1 beaten egg

fresh cod or similar firm white fish



mix the dry ingredients together in a bowl


slice the white firm fish into fingers or nuggets ( these cook very quickly )



beat an egg in a bowl



firstly egg the fish by placing it in the beaten egg and covering both sides

then lay the fish in the breadcrumb style coating and the turn over making sure coating

covers both sides.





prepare the frying pan with coconut oil or butter and heat

when pan has heated up, fry the fish fingers



mine took five minutes in all

this depends on the thickness and size of your fish fingers.

they will turn a beautiful golden brown colour

add more coconut oil or butter if needed

pop finished fish fingers on to a plate and serve



delicious with homemade mash or chips or butternut squash or sweet potato chips

Adults and children will love them!



fish fingers with homemade chips and peas

fish fingers with homemade chips and peas


fish fingers and fried courgette

fish fingers and fried courgette