Gluten free Christmas at Waitrose

Waitrose is my nearest large food store and it’s where I do the majority of my food shopping. This is why when Waitrose asked me recently if I would taste test and review their gluten free Christmas offerings this year, I jumped at the chance.



Firstly I tried the gluten free mince pies, these come in a box of four and cost £2.50



I found them to have a lovely sugary pastry which was melt in the mouth and a good amount of filling inside. Yummy warm or cold, I love mine warmed in the oven.

I will definitely be buying these for our family gatherings at Christmas. 10/10



Next I tried the gluten free 9 Christmas cake bites, perfect when you just need a mini Christmas fix. At £2.50  There are 9 bite size Christmas cakes in a box.



It was a delicious bite size piece of Christmas cake, for me perhaps a little too much topping to cake. It has a thick layer of icing with a thin layer of marzipan. It does make them very indulgent and it is Christmas! 9/10


Thirdly the full size Cider and Rum Christmas pudding this costs £4 for a 454g pudding        ( there is also a small, one person 100g pudding for £1.50 )



The Christmas pudding was very easy to warm up in the microwave just over 2 mins in mine. The pudding was very moist and the smell in the kitchen was amazing. My husband did the taste test for me, A very willing volunteer !  I am yeast free and the Christmas pudding contains cider and rum so I avoided this one. He thought it was very good and awarded it  9/10


Next I tasted the Christmas cake slices, there are 4 in the box and cost £2.75

moist, sweet and perfect with a cuppa




These were another winner. Beautiful Christmas cake just like I remember a regular gluten filled Christmas cake used to taste before I was gluten free. I gave these 10/10



Lastly I tried the gluten free Christmas cake, the small cake 330g costs £3.50


Both my husband and I felt that this cake was not as moist as the other Christmas cake products scoring it a 7/10




I will definitely be buying the Waitrose gluten free Christmas cake bites, mince pies and Christmas cake slices to take with me to our family celebrations this year. I don’t think anyone will notice that they are gluten free.  now has a go to Gluten free Christmas section on their website. click here > 

Here you can find information on the gluten free range with some ideas and hints for a gluten free Christmas.

I have tested out Deliciously Ella’s gluten free Mince pie recipe available to watch on the Waitrose  website

Deliciously Ella’s mince pie review  <click here



I love to bake from scratch and these mince pies are really delicious and all the ingredients are available at your local Waitrose store or online.






Keep a look out for these gluten free Christmas treats in your Waitrose store now!


This blog post is sponsored by Waitrose. I was sent the Christmas gluten free range to test and a voucher to buy extra ingredients . This has not affected my honest review of the products.