In search of the best grain free and yeast free bread

After looking through lots of grain free recipe books this morning I came across a new bread recipe to try in cooking for the Specific Carbohydrate diet by Erica Kerwien. @comfybelly

Simple Sandwich bread

Using just almond butter, eggs, honey, almond flour, bicarbonate of soda and salt. I produced a small loaf




This loaf tasted surprisingly light, it has a strong flavour but quite pleasant. Would definitely make this again.


Recently I had a go at making a basic focaccia style loaf from a recipe in Wheat Belly cookbook by William Davis, MD this loaf used chickpea flour, ground golden flaxseeds, almond flour,baking power and egg whites.




It was delicious sliced thinly toasted with melted cheese but was quite heavy and dense to eat by itself. made very good fried bread using bacon fat Yum!




There is also a good recipe in the Gluten- Free Almond Flour cookbook by Elana Amsterdam called Olive Rosemary Bread, again a small loaf but very nice .


If like me you are trying to avoid all grains, these recipe books are well worth a look at. Most are inexpensive and available online.



I would love to hear about any recipes for grain free and yeast free bread you have tried and enjoyed. Grain free cook book recommendations would be very welcome too.

3 thoughts on “In search of the best grain free and yeast free bread

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